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Press Release

ViaBTC Capital Empowers Dark Horse Projects by Sponsoring the Avalanche Asia Hackathon

                             Hong Kong:
                         <p>The Avalanche Asia Hackathon, sponsored by ViaBTC Capital, has started on February 1, 2022. With a total prize pool of $5 million, the event has received support from well-known VC firms like Avalanche Asian Star Fund and Blizzard Fund, in addition to ViaBTC Capital. Haipo Yang, CEO of ViaBTC Capital, will also attend the Hackathon as a member of the jury and help select promising projects.</p>


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ViaBTC Capital, a wholly-owned investment brand under ViaBTC Group, combines funding, resource support, and post-investment services and focuses on the investment of infrastructures, blockchain tools, DeFi, games, etc. In particular, post-investment services offered by ViaBTC Capital include support for marketing and business growth, technical instructions, a global network of investors (in collaboration with top crypto funds like Pantera, IOSG, and Shima Capital), coin-listing opportunities, etc.


Join hands with strong allies as the modern “gold prospector”


Launched on February 1, 2022, the Avalanche Asia Hackathon will end on March 31. The Hackathon requires developers to build projects on Avalanche, and the top 10 most creative and promising projects will stand out as prize winners. ViaBTC Capital decided to sponsor the event exactly because the public chain boasts fast transactions, low cost, sound scalability, EVM compatibility, and eco-friendly features. In addition, during the Hackathon, Avalanche will also conduct a series of seminars during the hackathon to offer participants a comprehensive introduction to the Avalanche consensus and how to build DApp on the platform. Backed by multiple advantages, the competition will attract droves of geeks to build DApps for DeFi, Web3, the metaverse, NFT, GameFi, and blockchain infrastructures & tools, as well as other unexpected categories. This will also bring ViaBTC Capital many new investment opportunities.


ViaBTC Group has built up blockchain expertise and a strong resource network since it ventured into the field more than five years ago. ViaBTC’s sponsorship of the Avalanche Asia Hackathon, as well as the attendance of Haipo Yang as a member of the jury, will bring more resources to project teams and developers participating in the event. More importantly, ViaBTC Capital could offer extensive analysis and instructions in terms of blockchain technologies.


ViaBTC Capital’s CEO Haipo Yang is a blockchain veteran and also the founder of CoinEx. Graduated from Northwestern Polytechnical University in 2011 with a degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, he had worked for Tencent, TEG, Weibo, and Futu Securities. As one of the earliest BTC investors, Haipo started to deal with Bitcoin back in 2011. In March 2016, he developed and launched a Bitcoin mining pool. It is noteworthy that all the codes of the mining pool were written by himself. Haipo is noted for his unique and progressive insights into blockchain technologies. As a member of the jury, he will give the participating projects professional technical instructions relying on his blockchain expertise and strong technical capacity. Moreover, Haipo could select promising projects and help the partners of the Hackathon identify the outstanding participants.


Offer full sponsorship & empower the outstanding projects


After the end of the Hackathon, Avalanche Asia will, together with the jury, select the top projects for seed round investment and incubation. Additionally, ViaBTC Capital will also evaluate the investment potential of the well-performing developer teams and projects in terms of innovation, project value, industry influence, functional integrity, design, technical challenges, demo performance, etc. Apart from the funding prize, projects participating in the Hackathon could also get investment and empowerment from ViaBTC Capital.


So far, ViaBTC Capital incubated and supported over 20 projects in many trending categories, including NFT, GameFi, DAO, etc. It has helped plenty of new projects get through their infancy and conducted professional evaluations of blockchain projects. Having built an investment partnership with 14 top institutional investors and media networks, ViaBTC Capital offers massive user traffic for projects in its portfolio. It empowers such projects over the long run from a wide range of aspects, spanning industry analysis, market promotion, crypto influence, project resources, referral of institutional investors, project consultation, etc. ViaBTC Capital’s sponsorship of the Avalanche Hackathon will leverage the technology, talent, project, and capital of ViaBTC Group and Avalanche while speeding up the ecosystem growth of the entire crypto industry.


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