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Friday, July, 1, 2022

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React Labs Launches Its Smart Home Appliance Brand With the R1


                            Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:
                         The startup is India’s first D2C smart home appliance brand
The R1 will level up every Indian household with tech-enabled cooking

Today, React Labs, India’s first D2C home appliance brand, announced its maiden product, R1. Built by IIT-Bombay alumni  Mahek Mody (ex-Ather Energy) and Mohit Sharma (ex-Chaayos), the R1 is a smart cooking appliance that offers users guided cooking while doing all the heavy lifting – like chopping, sauteing, frying, cooking and even offering plating and serving suggestions. The device is designed to work with novice and experienced cooks and will be ideal for consumers living in urban areas who want to eat wholesome home cooked meals and not rely on food delivery services.
The R1 is powered by a powerful 500-watt motor and can heat up to 120℃ using a unique 1000W coil. This allows the single jar to offer 10 automated functions – chop, stir, sauté, whisk, blend, cook, knead, boil, heat & self-clean. The R1 also comes with an integrated smart weighing scale (1g precision) that removes all the guesswork from cooking and allows consumers to make a large variety of delicious meals. The recipes on the R1 have been curated and taste tested by hundreds of users and the React team continues to add new ones everyday.
The 8” touchscreen console on the R1 is connected to the internet which gives users access to recipes from across the world – including  Indian, Italian, Chinese and Continental; thousands more can be accessed via React’s platform. The guided recipes offer both novices and experienced cooks a hassle-free experience of making their favourite meals at home. Since the R1 is one of the few smart cooking appliances that manages ingredient preparation and offers presets for stirring and heating at a steady temperature, consumers can save time daily. Assemble the ingredients, follow the recipe instructions and let the R1 make everything from pastas, noodles, soups, smoothies, rice dishes and gravies from scratch.
React will be delivering the R1 in limited batches across the country from June 2022. The early access series will be limited to 100 units and include curated and tested recipes. It will come with presets for singular ingredients and complete meals from around the world. The platform will allow users to share their own recipes and be a part of a new tech-enabled food community.
Backed by 8 angel investors, including the founders of some of India’s largest unicorns and leading businesses, React’s products will transform more than 7 billion modern Indian households. The team plans to expand their market footprint with a wider range of products, including refrigeration and home climate control. They intend to have more than 1 million R1 smart cooking appliances in homes by 2025.
 Quote by Mahek Mody, CEO and Co-founder:
“We started React because we believe that home appliances can do a lot more to improve quality of life, they have the potential to level up users’ daily experiences and their overall well being. And these modern home appliances need to be accessible for all Indian households and not just a few. Living with the pandemic taught us that people’s problem with home food is boredom from eating the same food over and over again and cooking new meals was intimidating and time consuming. The R1 is designed to solve that core problem – Don’t eat boring food – Fantastic, healthy, home cooked food is available at your fingertips and you don’t need to be a chef to make them yourself.”About React Labs

React was founded by IIT Bombay alumni, Mahek Mody, ex-Chief of Staff at Ather Energy and Mohit Sharma, ex-head of engineering at Chaayos. React is at the forefront of transforming modern Indian households. As India’s first D2C smart home appliance brand, their maiden product the R1, has been designed to change the way we cook and expand our food repertoire. The smart cooking appliance offers 10 inbuilt functions – chop, stir, sauté, whisk, blend, boil, steam, cook, knead & self-clean, along with an integrated smart weighing scale. The onboard 8” touchscreen offers consumers a guided cooking experience, with access to hundreds of recipes from across the world. React’s will also allow users to create and share their own recipes and give them access to thousands more as they are built. React will begin deliveries of the R1 in June 2022.

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