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Stylam Highlights World-Class HPL Exterior Cladding’s Growth Prospects

                            Chandigarh, India:
                         At a recent conference on external cladding, numerous eminent speakers of Stylam Industries discussed the various aspects of HPL technology and all of its applications. In the world of high class laminates, Stylam is a household name. It is one of only a few businesses to have received the prestigious certification. In addition, the firm is the world's largest maker and supplier of decorative laminates.

Mr. Manav Gupta, the director of Stylam Industries Limited, is carving out a niche in the industry. He has made a significant contribution to the company’s rapid growth, and he’s also introduced several intelligent techniques to make laminates and their designs more advanced. He is putting in a lot of effort to capture both the domestic and foreign markets, thanks to his many years of experience and competence.
This architect’s chosen products are all about producing quality, and as a technology-driven product, they are one of the most popular options available today.
 An Exceptional Blend of Strength and Style
Stylam Industries, known worldwide for its style statements, excels at providing an exclusive assortment of decorative and designer laminates for every requirement.
Stylam has radically transformed the art of modern and industrial decor, thanks to a remarkable history of trust and performance.
Stylam Industries provides the ideal blend of royalty, modernity, innovation, and creativity. The company provides a broader range of applications and installation of home furniture, office furniture, cabinets, counters, wall panelling, and worktops.
All of the offerings are professionally certified and distinguished by excellent quality, passionate artistry, and unrivalled manufacturing procedures.
 Stylam Fascia will serve to strengthen the outside claddingsFascia is well regarded as an architect choice for construction firms and project developers because of its endless bespoke designs. Balconies, commercial and residential structures, corporate office premises, educational institutions, health and wellness facilities, and showrooms can all benefit from these.
 Technology on the Cutting Edge
Stylam exterior panelling is created with KLEIBERT, Germany’s breakthrough hot coating technology. Stylam takes pride in being the first to introduce this technology in India.
Fascia is extremely fire retardant, chemical resistant, wear-resistant, and stress absorbing.
The technology protects against environmental adversities while also adding overall beauty.
This technology-driven product can be used in façade claddings, balcony claddings, partitions, railings, fences, ceilings, outdoor furniture, and attic claddings, to name a few applications.
 Innovation Presented at its Finest
Fascia is a lightweight and long-lasting surface that provides a ventilated Facade system. This allows for moisture, water, or any other natural substance.
This product’s exclusive size range is approximately 1220 x 2440mm, 1300 x 2880 mm, and 1300 x 3050 mm with a surface thickness of 6 mm and beyond, making it the pinnacle of quality.
Stylam’s top-tier quality laminate, which is an authentic product of technology breakthroughs, has seen massive sales in various markets and is hoping to expand further as future growth is expected to be higher.
Budget-friendly building solutions are now available, making it easier for homeowners and project developers to plan a fantastic renovation. Because of its ease of upkeep and low cost, Stylam fascia is an excellent alternative.

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