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Tuesday, September, 27, 2022

Press Release

AKSA makes an entry in the Indian D2C ecosystem

PUNE, India, March 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mr Prashant Bora Chairman and MD of Bora Multicorp, a Maharashtra based conglomerate, has been instrumental in mentoring and investing in young entrepreneurs, has declared the launch of their first e-Commerce brand, AKSA. It is India`s first organised e-commerce for Hallmarked Sterling Silver Products and Gold Vermeil Jewelry. They will start delivering great products from today.

The brand has a variety of over 2000+ in Gold Vermeil and 925 Hallmarked Silver Jewelry products, with international styles, crafted by global artisans in American, Turkey, and Italy.

Gold Vermeil products first originated in the 19th century, where Gold was applied to Sterling Silver to create pieces that looked like they were made from solid Gold without the hefty price tag. Gold Vermeil is quickly becoming a favourite of top designers and consumers across Europe and America. This collection of jewelry which seems like it will cost a fortune, but it actually costs a fraction of Solid Gold Jewelry without compromising on the quality and looks.

Mr. Bora said, “AKSA is set to disrupt the market with some interesting products, of the utmost quality and pricing, affordable for working women of our country. The current products available are not worth their price, we will provide the best value to our consumers.” 

 Mr. Vrushabh Gandhi, a part of Mr Boras  D2C mentorship, has been appointed as a Director for AKSA. Vrushabh is experienced in manufacturing and financial management . Mr Gandhi says, "We underwent an intense research to understand the taste of today's women and tailor-made our products to suit their requirements. Under Mr. Boras mentorship AKSA is ready to deliver quality with an excellent value chain system and it will be the first company to bring in some globally popular product styles for the working women of our country.”

The brand has declared that it will release the products at minimum profitability and focus on extending more value to the end customer. AKSA is eyeing at least a 30% market share in this FY. For more information on products please visit 

 About AKSA

AKSA is a Jewelry eCommerce which deals in 925 Hallmarked Sterling Silver Jewelry and Gold Vermeil Jewelry, they claim the best price in the industry and are disrupting the online market with their pricing, international designs and global manufacturing from artisans in Turkey and Italy.


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