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Tuesday, September, 27, 2022

Press Release

Monotype Studio Introduces Shorai Sans, Opening New Horizons In Japanese Typography

Shorai™ Sans is a geometric sans serif that retains subtle nuances, and nearly unlimited applicability in a broad range of uses, from publishing and advertising to websites and tech. 
WOBURN, Mass., March 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Monotype today announced the launch of Shorai Sans, signifying a new era of legibility in Japanese type. Shorai Sans is the second Japanese typeface from Monotype, following Tazugane Gothic, and is an easy-to-use typeface that optimizes the balance between Japanese and European text and character spacing. The result has elegance, character, and expression, and meets the needs and expectations of designers in a modern world.

Shorai balances the subtlety of traditional hand-drawn brushstrokes with clean, geometric outlines. An intellectual-looking sans serif, Shorai’s simplified letterforms and vast weight ranges provide creatives with a holistic branding solution. 

Shorai Sans was designed as a companion typeface to Avenir® Next, built to work harmoniously in modern global designs, while preserving the essence of Japanese handwriting. Shorai goes beyond existing Japanese sans serifs to provide a wide spectrum of expression and personality for designers to play with. Designed by Yukihiro Nakamura, Akira Kobayashi, Ryota Doi, and the Monotype Studio, Shorai Sans is opening new horizons in Japanese typography.

“We pushed to make the Heavy weight significantly heavier than an average Japanese sans serif, and we pared each form down to its essence which revealed a true simplicity. This is what we have now – it is a sans serif for a new generation,” says Monotype’s Creative Type Director Akira Kobayashi.

Type designer Ryota Doi adds, “Yukihiro Nakamura’s ideas are always surprising and exciting. Shorai Sans is a typeface that has evolved over generations. It’s straightforward but still elegantly reflects handwritten traits – Shorai presents itself as a Japanese typeface for the future with its robust simplicity and a human touch.”

Following the successful launch of Tazugane Gothic in January 2017, the demand for sans serif typefaces in the Japanese market has steadily increased – especially within the automotive industry which requires typefaces that exude solidity and confidence. This is where Shorai will find its place in the future, while offering many options for technology and telecom brands.

Pricing and Availability. Individual cuts of the Shorai family are available now for $179 or €199 each. The complete Shorai Sans-Family Pack is available for $999 or €1099. Individual variable typefaces are available for $999 or €1099.

Shorai Sans is available as part of the Monotype Fonts subscription and for purchase through until April 08, 2022 with an introductory offer of 60% off the complete Family Pack. For more information about the typeface, read the font story on our site.


About MonotypeMonotype creates brands that matter with type, technology, and expertise. The company partners with leading foundries to deliver the broadest inventory of high-quality typefaces in the world. Further information is available at

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