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Thursday, October, 6, 2022

Press Release

Radisys Connect RAN Software Selected by Celona for Integration within its Critically Acclaimed 5G LAN Solution

                            Hillsboro, Ore., United States:
                         <p><a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="" shape="rect">Radisys® Corporation</a>, a global leader of open telecom solutions, today announced that <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="" shape="rect">Celona</a>, a leading innovator of private 5G solutions, has selected Radisys’ Connect RAN 5G Software to speed the deployment of its end-to-end 5G LAN solution.</p>


News Highlights


Private cellular networks continue to gain traction as more enterprises realize the distinct advantages of deploying their own 4G and 5G networks to support specific use cases that demand the highest levels of deterministic wireless connectivity. 5G private networks uniquely deliver to organizations a myriad of benefits over conventional wireless alternatives including greater control over user access, data confidentiality, network performance and quality of service levels. All traffic types generated within a private network are processed locally to ensure the highest security, data privacy, and lowest latency for enterprise applications vital to improving business productivity.
Celona’s end-to-end 5G LAN delivers a fully-integrated private wireless solution purpose-built for enterprise use. With it, enterprises can better address the new connectivity needs of next-generation AI-based and edge-compute powered applications. Celona’s 5G LAN solution is offered as a subscription-based service with all hardware and software components optimized for seamless integration of cellular wireless with existing enterprise IT infrastructures.
Radisys’ industry-leading 3GPP Release 16 compliant Connect RAN 5G CU/DU software, with the flexibility of Opt-2 and Opt-6 functional splits and single to multi-carrier support with bandwidths ranging from 10 MHz to 100 MHz for DL and UL-heavy TDD slot configurations, is most suitable for shared spectrum deployments. Radisys’ software is performance optimized for ARM based SoC, with an option for Cloud deployment and provides a rich feature set, enabling a faster time-to-market for Celona.

Puneet Shetty, VP of Product Management from Celona said: “To take full advantage of the benefits of 5G private networks, enterprises need access to cloud-native software that easily integrates with their current IT infrastructure. Radisys’ 5G RAN gNB CU/DU software has allowed us to quickly develop a unique turnkey LTE/5G LAN that gives enterprises the power to quickly deploy, own and operate their own private mobile network.”


Munish Chhabra, SVP and general manager of Mobility Software and Services Business, Radisys, said: “Radisys’ award-winning Connect RAN software helps Celona accelerate its 5G LAN time-to-market, and we are pleased to partner with Celona to deliver a complete solution for private network deployments. Radisys’ Connect RAN software is integral to enabling private networks that support ultra-low latency, high network availability, high device density capabilities for enterprise 5G services.”


About Radisys


Radisys, a global leader in open telecom solutions, enables service providers to drive disruption with new open architecture business models. Radisys’ innovative disaggregated and virtualized enabling technology solutions leverage open reference architectures and standards, combined with open software and hardware to power business transformation for the telecom industry, while its world-class services organization delivers systems integration expertise necessary to solve communications and content providers’ complex deployment challenges. For more information, visit


About Celona


Celona, the enterprise 5G company, is focused on accelerating the adoption of business-critical apps on enterprise wireless and helping organizations implement a new generation of digital business initiatives. Taking advantage of dynamic spectrum sharing options such as CBRS in the United States, Celona’s Edgeless Enterprise architecture is designed to automate the adoption of 5G cellular wireless technology by enterprise organizations and their technology partners. For more information, please visit and follow Celona on Twitter @celonaio.


Radisys® is a registered trademark of Radisys. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.



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