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Tuesday, September, 27, 2022

Press Release

Easier. Faster. Better. LetsUpp Now Available on WhatsApp

                            Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, India:
                         The hyperlocal app, ‘LetsUpp’ known for Indian news and Infotainment will now be available on WhatsApp. LetsUpp is India’s one of its kind first digital infotainment platform, providing a wide variety of news and infotainment-related content to users on WhatsApp. The key feature of WhatsApp is the relief from unnecessary notifications, which is apparent with other similar platforms. The LetsUpp WhatsApp will provide news and infotainment on various topics like events, health & fitness, job updates, cricket & sports, news from the entertainment world, horoscope, and more, in just one click. The topics will cater to its well-established heterogenic audience with regular updates.To get the LetsUpp App update on WhatsApp, the users have 2 options.

Option – 1
The first option is to save the number 70 30 700 700 in contacts of the mobile phone as “LetsUpp”. Then they need to open WhatsApp and open a new chat for the LetsUpp contact. The users will be immediately given the option of choosing their preferred language. On selecting the language of choice and they can follow the next instruction by entering their 6-digit area Pincode. WhatsApp will guide the users further and help them choose their favorite topics through the “main menu”. Alternatively, the users can also save the number in their contacts and give us a ‘miss call’. They will receive a link in their SMS, which on clicking will direct them to WhatsApp. The procedure from here on is like the WhatsApp chat as suggested above.
 Option – 2 LetsUpp Link:
The LetsUpp allows the users to browse a variety of news and infotainment topics such as top news, jobs, health, entertainment, etc. LetsUpp is a popular news and infotainment app and is available primarily in four languages which are Marathi, English, and Hindi on Android and iOS stores, and has a strong social media presence across major social media platforms.

LetsUpp gives its audience a chance to keep pace with the growing digital demands of staying updated 24×7. As India grows into a leading digital economy in the world, Maharashtra leads the way with LetsUpp to ensure the needs of the Marathi audience are met with ease.

LetsUpp powerfully stands with delivering last-mile content with its robust stringers network and a very varied user base across Maharashtra. All updated and latest pieces of information are immediately and accurately offered to the users. LetsUpp has especially focused on multi-format news e.g.: text, video, podcast, graphics, etc. which allows the users to consume content in their preferred format.
The unique user-centric blend of news and infotainment on LetsUpp has been recognized and awarded as a “SPECIAL MENTION AWARD” in the NEWS category in the ‘Aatmanirbhar App Innovative Challenge’ competition held by the Government of India an Initiate by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji.
Reliability and accuracy are the most important features of the LetsUpp application and every piece of information is provided with a sense of responsibility. LetsUpp focuses on human interest stories, positive news, and information about day-to-day life, a piece that is useful for the common man.
With the expansion of the media, there is now a constant flow of information for readers to consume. LetsUpp focuses on selective and informative news that is easy to understand. For this, a day-to-day program named ‘Vishya Soap’ (News In Simple Words) has been launched. Information related to complex subjects in health, science, technology, and finance is provided in a simplified format for the readers.
Fighting digital fraud and creating awareness around such topics is as important as being updated with the latest news. LetsUpp takes this up as a challenge to educate its audience and has recently curated a video series to ensure people are aware of the types of digital frauds and how to recognize them.
In order for Public, Interest LetsUpp launched two important initiatives named ‘Information for your good’ and ‘Schemes for your benefits’. As India in this digital revolution has opted for online services for every aspect, we help people with informative video content about online documentation and also explain various central and state-level governments schemes available for them.
Instead of giving priority to political upheaval, LetsUpp stands strong to deliver development-based and user-centric political coverage. Also with the same interest, a specific series named ‘MLA’s Report Card’ has been launched to evaluate the work of each MLA in the state by taking feedback from the voters and rating them in accordance with their work. Through the same series, LetsUpp is driving the importance of accountability and responsibility towards the citizen by government representatives.
Apart from this, ‘Agriculture the best’ and ‘All you need to know about the Share Market’ are the initiatives to bring the best of innovators and small-town talents to the forefront. These initiatives will inspire others through their success stories and dispel misconceptions about the stock market respectively.
In order to be in the know-how about the latest trends the company also provides reels based news and informative videos to users in a whole new way which has garnered substantial traction in recent times. With our focus to provide impactful and relevant news along with useful information to the common man, LetsUpp will continue to constantly strive hard and help people stay connected with trending topics through the LetsUpp App. LetsUpp is here to empower the minds of the citizen and use their collective voice to build a better nation.

Disclaimer: This Press Release has not been vetted or endorsed by The Eastern Herald's editorial staff.

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