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Monday, October, 3, 2022

Press Release

Pasture Announces First Halal-Certified Surgical N95 Masks for Healthcare and Public Use

The Indonesian Council of Ulama certified the masks as halal after audits by LPPOM. The facilities also have medical-grade approvals from US FDA, NIOSH (N95), CE (FFP2), ISO, and GMP.

SINGAPORE, March 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Pasture Group, the leading global medical device manufacturer and pharmaceutical company in Singapore, unveils its accreditation as the world’s top halal-certified US FDA-approved N95 mask producer for healthcare and public use.



Known for manufacturing high-quality, medical-grade masks for Healthcare, Occupational, and Public use, the Singaporean company began their R&D and producing specialty masks in 2005, following the aftermath of the SARS epidemic. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the company supplied over 100 million surgical masks and Surgical N95 respirators globally. Pasture remains one of only two companies in the world that received US FDA approval for their N95 masks to be used by public during the pandemic. 

According to the CEO of Pasture Group, Lloyd Soong, the company’s latest halal-compliance certification is created to ensure that wearers feel protected and accommodated, inclusive of religious values.

“After Pasture won the largest government tender in Malaysia in 2018, we found many healthcare workers wearing hijab or prayer caps struggling to put on and remove masks. We wanted to solve this problem, so we created the Pasture PM30 N95 mask – one of the world’s first NIOSH N95 masks with ear loops – specifically designed with adjustable clips to comfortably accommodate healthcare workers who wear head-coverings. We have also ensured that the rest of our PM range and the Kids’ masks are halal-certified,” said Soong.

Strong commitments to ensure high product quality, along with inclusivity and safety

Pasture underwent a lengthy and meticulous procedure to ensure the products’ halal compliance, a process that spans the last five years. This includes implementing Halal Assurance System (HAS) and policies to ensure that the entire manufacturing and post-manufacturing process is halal. The company, for instance, only uses raw materials by halal-certified suppliers, along with storage and outward-bound methods that are halal-compliant without the risk of contamination.

Pasture’s masks obtained halal certification on 26 January 2022, from LPPOM MUI, the government-approved institution authorized to issue halal certificates for medicines and cosmetics in Indonesia. Pasture’s halal compliance was also audited by the former Deputy Head of federal government agency for Islamic affairs, Malaysia (JAKIM). In addition, the company’s facilities and operations are also certified by US FDA, NIOSH, CE, ISO, and GMP.

“A good mask that offers full protection ensures that particles in the air you inhale, and exhale are contained in the same areas. When you exhale, you emit tiny particles and saliva; this mist then encounters the mask and is re-consumed with inhalation. With our recent halal certification, we want to ensure that our wearers everywhere, from healthcare workers wearing head coverings or pilgrims performing the Hajj and Umrah, feel safe and comfortable wearing and breathing in the mask,” said Soong.


Pasture’s specially designed PM30 N95 respirator is available at Find out more about the company at

About Pasture Group

Founded in 1996, Pasture Group is a global medical device and pharmaceutical company based in Singapore. The company innovates, researches, and manufactures masks, respirators, and unique pharmaceutical products that protect and enhance the community. Pasture Group is one of the only two companies in the world with US FDA-cleared N95 respirator for General Public Use during medical and health emergencies.

For more information, please visit To purchase masks, please visit

Media Contact:Pasture Group Marketing +65 6515 6516

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