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Monday, September, 26, 2022

Press Release

Making Women Visible – V-WA Launches the Second Edition of Its Leadership Awards


                            New Delhi, Delhi, India:
                         Despite the strides that they have made in society, and in spite of their contributions to the world and to workplaces, women remain a minority in positions of leadership. V-WA 50 aims to change this. Launched by the Vedica Women’s Alliance, the initiative recognises, rewards, and amplifies women’s achievements by awarding 50 senior women professionals and men who support gender equality.

The 1st Annual V-WA 50 garnered almost 200 nominations in 10 categories from across the country. The programme has now opened applications for its second edition in 2022.
According to the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2021, only about 14% of senior and managerial positions are held by women. Through V-WA 50, Vedica strengthens its commitment to making women visible by telling their stories, commemorating their achievements, and building a repository of role models that will inspire the generations of women to come.
“V-WA 50 celebrates the under-recognised and unsung contributions that women have been making to the world, and increasingly to workplaces. In a country where women are steadily dropping out of the workforce, the stories of these extraordinary women have the power to change the narrative about women and the workplace in India, and even the world,” says Anuradha Das Mathur, Founder of the Vedica Women’s Alliance and Founder and Dean of the Vedica Scholars Programme for Women.
V-WA 50 will honour senior women professionals of remarkable achievement and exemplary leadership. The award categories include Women Leaders in Finance; Industry; Hospitality; D&I; Science, Tech, and R&D; Marketing and Sales; Fashion and Lifestyle; Health, Pharma, and Wellness; Agriculture and Agtech; and Professional Services. The Lifetime Achievement award will commemorate the legacy of women who have had made a significant impact on their industry and community. Recognising the value of male allies in the journey towards equality, V-WA 50 also applauds men who have furthered inclusion in their organisations through the Men of Impact award.
The forum invites industry networks, business hubs, and women’s forums to nominate their most promising women leaders. The awardees will be selected by an illustrious jury of industry leaders across sectors.
By shining a spotlight on high-achieving women, V-WA 50 aims to spark change by creating role models who will inspire more women towards professional success and generate a multiplier effect on the ecosystem.
For more details and to submit nominations, please visit: the Vedica Women’s Alliance
The Vedica Women’s Alliance (V-WA) is a unique membership-based peer network built to aggregate and amplify the voices of women leaders from across the country and advocate for an ecosystem that helps women professionals thrive. V-WA hopes to grow the cadre of professional women – in terms of numbers and influence. Through peer learning sessions to foster ‘collective wisdom’, monthly issue-based briefings on specific ‘women and work’ issues, curated masterclasses with a unique focus on personal and professional transformation, high-quality research products and regular surveys with an aim to create new knowledge and create awareness, mentorship opportunities with a chance to build an influential professional network and direct engagement with government, industry and academy to shape policy for women and gender in the workforce, our member services will equip women professionals to pursue successful ‘break-free’ careers and become catalysts of change.

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