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Thursday, October, 6, 2022

Erbe Brings the Erbe Academy to Singapore

                            TÜBINGEN, Germany:
                         <p>Education is one of the core pillars of our Erbe Group vision. The Erbe Academy program is one of our company's success stories. It provides a network for doctors, nurses and our company's global sales team to gain new knowledge and experience and share it with peers. In addition, we qualify our employees to act as reliable partners for healthcare professionals and institutions worldwide. We do not merely want to offer products, but also holistic solutions for our customers. Now we are taking the next step and starting to enhance the success story of the Erbe Academy.</p>


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Erbe Academy in Singapore (Photo: Business Wire)

“Expanding our network of academies and partner centers is an important milestone and a crucial step in our efforts to enlarge knowledge and confidence for better patient outcomes and to facilitate exchange of experience between experts and users,” Mariuccia Zambelli, Vice President Global Marketing, explains.


Erbe launched its second hub of the Erbe Academy at the German Centre in Singapore with an opening ceremony on March 11th, 2022. The German Centre offers us the flexibility we require to adapt our office space needs to our business development. The intent of the Erbe Academy is to qualify and empower Erbe sales teams worldwide and to support physicians and OR nurses through hands-on training on high-end applications and comprehensive lectures on Erbe technologies. Our company contributes to patient safety and to the exchange of experience among experts and users in this way.


Christian O. Erbe: “At the Erbe Academy, we offer many courses and trainings. We share our experience and our know-how and train the participants in using our technologies. We do this for our own employees in sales, technical service and marketing. And we do this for external parties like doctors, nurse technicians and many others working in various medical disciplines. Erbe Academy in Singapore will be the first academy abroad and the German Centre is the perfect place for it.”


About Erbe


Erbe Elektromedizin GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes surgical instruments and devices worldwide, while providing services for professional use of these products in a diverse range of medical disciplines. Surgeons, OP teams and patients around the world rely on Erbe medical technology. The surgical instruments and devices find use in almost all specialist areas. They are based on electrosurgery combined with other Erbe technologies. Hybrid solutions enable us to provide new, innovative applications in medicine.


Fields of activity


Plasma surgery


An international network


16 subsidiaries in Europe, America and Asia
1 representative office
Erbe is active in 110 national markets


The Erbe workforce


Over 1,200 employees worldwide
Some 700 of them in Germany




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