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Sunday, September, 25, 2022

Press Release

Moneycontrol Becomes India’s No. 1 Financial News Destination

                            Mumbai, Maharashtra, Delhi, India:
                         The Comscore Multiplatform report for Feb 2022 is out and there’s reason to rejoice at Moneycontrol, as its position of the No. 1 Financial News Destination is fortified, beating its closest competitor. Moneycontrol, <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">India’s leading financial news platform</a>, has not only experienced a significant and steady increase in visitors each month but has also seen a consistent increase in the average time spent on the page. According to the Comscore data, Moneycontrol has surpassed its contender in Unique Visitors (UVs), average time spent and other key traffic parameters to consolidate and strengthen its position as India’s most trusted and credible financial news platform.

Numbers speak for themselves and here’s proof of the trust audiences’ repose in the brand each day
Moneycontrol’s unique visitors of 42.39 million have surpassed ET’s (41.65 million). 
Moneycontrol’s total views of 378 million are 97% more than ET’s (192 million)
Moneycontrol’s total time spent (total minutes in Comscore) of 1,382 minutes is 329% more than ET’s (322).
Moneycontrol’s Average Minutes Per Visitor on the page is 32.6 minutes, which is 323% more than ET’s (7.7)
(*Source: Comscore MMX Multi-Platform, Feb 2022, India)In a statement, Moneycontrol said “The data testify that readers seek valuable market and business news, and increasingly reach Moneycontrol for the most credible and real-time news updates. The destination of choice remains the same, whether it is coverage of market uncertainty, timely newsbreaks, comprehensive analysis, or sharp commentary.

Moneycontrol’s clear and compelling journalism through varied formats of digital journalism such as live blogs, videos, podcasts and agenda-setting opinion articles on a raft of topics, caters to the needs of a larger discerning audience base, who remain loyal to the brand, and we thank them for the faith.” 

Moneycontrol has been on record breaking spree this year. Earlier in February, it had broken all digital traffic records on Budget Day as audiences from across India visited its specially designed microsite for minute-by-minute real-time updates. 

The high engagement numbers are a testimony of the loyalty that readers, sponsors, and teams have unanimously reposed to the brand. 

Disclaimer: This Press Release has not been vetted or endorsed by The Eastern Herald's editorial staff.

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