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Monday, September, 26, 2022

Press Release

ANSR revamps brand identity, unveils new logo

A refreshed look representing a unique, elegant, and progressive brand

BENGALURU, India, March 31, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ANSR, the market leader in helping global organizations accelerate digital transformation and technology innovation through Global Capability Centers (GCCs), today unveiled its refreshed brand identity and the new company logo. Called the ‘Future Beam,’ the new logo is modern, vibrant and shines a bright light on the company’s future.

For the past 15 years, ANSR has been a client-centric and inclusive organization, where the customer’s views, perspectives, culture, values, and vision were of prime importance. Taking a lead from there, this rebranding reflects a balance between ANSR’s legacy and future positioning. Elegantly interconnected with presence and strength, the two parts in the new logo work in perfect harmony, showcasing the collaborative partnerships and end-to-end solutions that ANSR provides to customers.

On the announcement, Lalit Ahuja, Founder and CEO of ANSR, said, “The recent big changes in ANSR’s business structure and vision made us stop and consider how the business is perceived by customers and employees alike. We realized it was time to refresh the brand touchpoints and communicate the organization’s new, evolving direction with clarity and consistency.”

Built on a framework that was inspired by ‘sacred geometry’, the radial light beams represent energy and a welcoming nature – the open arms of partnership and the steps represent progress and exponential growth. Inspired by constructivism, a philosophy that aimed to reflect modern industrial society and urban space, the uppercase typography reflects the technology age, while the teal background is sophisticated with a strong contrast.

“As the new chapter of ANSR evolves, our new brand identity is something the employees and stakeholders can be proud of for the long term.” Lalit added.

Having enabled over 80 GCCs for the world’s leading organizations, ANSR is uniquely positioned to help global enterprises to build, scale and manage global teams in talent hubs across the world. ANSR is poised to become a globally relevant and enduring enterprise solutions company, and a name synonymous with the GCC industry.

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About ANSR

ANSR is the market leader in enabling organizations build, manage and scale global teams through Global Capability Centers (GCCs). ANSR provides full life-cycle services including GCC design, set up and enabling operations. For over 15 years now, companies cutting across size, industry and markets have relied on ANSR’s expertise to successfully build global business and technology teams. ANSR’s unique and differentiated ‘GCC-as-a-Service’ is delivered in a no-Capex and ‘pay-as-you-grow’ manner that significantly enhances ‘time to value’ and neutralizes the known risks associated with setting up globally distributed teams. Since its inception, ANSR has established over 80 GCCs aggregating to over 85k enterprise talent with over $1.6B in investment and using over 8M sq ft of workspace.


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