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Monday, October, 3, 2022

Press Release

Rooftop Gardens – a Green Oasis in Urban Forest

                            Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:
                         Many urban forest cities like Mumbai suffers from paucity of land and alternatively adopts vertical green living to combat alarming climate crisis. The broad network of infrastructure development is indispensable for better growth and advancement. It is advisable to incorporate sustainable living practices in a perennial path towards progression. There is a scarcity of ample open and green spaces in the real estate paradise ‘Mumbai’, where rooftop / terrace gardens can play a cardinal role to balance the rising ecological frights.Mumbai Municipal corporation in consultation with developer fraternity has aptly addressed the mounting issue of inadequate green space by proposing the concept of terrace garden in future developments. Rooftop terrace garden is a globally practiced concept intended to enable organic farming, temperature control by natural cooling effect, hydrological benefits, aesthetic and architectural embellishment, green corridors for recreation which has large scale ecological benefits. The upcoming real estate development in a plot size more than 2000 sqft will be mandated to adopt such ingenious gardening practices with rooftop and vertical garden policies. It is a step in the right direction to achieve sustainable development goals which equalizes ecology and economic growth in sync.

India’s one of the renowned real estate houses, Hiranandani Group has always been a trendsetter and has stayed ahead of the curve in innovation and technology. One of the first rooftop gardens was perched on the terrace of commercial tower ‘Delphi’ at its flagship township, Hiranandani Gardens Powai in Mumbai. With renewed significance of wellness and sustainable lifestyle in the new normal post covid pandemic, this announcement is in right accordance with an intent to infuse nature in daily living that will elevate quality of life. Additionally, it will also improve air quality, boost health and hygiene, augment green spaces, and an energy-saving solution, the absolute burning need amidst climatic emergency.

According to the Spokesperson of Hiranandani, “Delphi terrace garden spread across nearly 1 acre of space is a lifestyle trend to adopt green living practices, absorb incident radiation and prevent rising temperature. The rooftop garden was efficiently crafted and designed for an optimal space management to taste the flavor of sustainable lifestyle. It comprises unique plantations, trees and shrubs, succulents, and ground covers that aim to increase biomass and enable green shelter. Hiranandani Developers are the pioneers in building sustainable green assets in their integrated townships across geographies for accomplishing carbon neutrality goals amidst picturesque urban forest.”

A built-in green life in a vertical cityscape is a step forward to make the environment a safer and non-polluted place for future generations. Certain challenges in following such practices come in the light, which seeks further clarity. For better rooftop gardens layouts, efficient space management for other utilities like water tanks, dish antennas, solar panels should be factored in before drafting policy framework. A mindful and optimum utilization of the rooftops will make way for not one but many more sustainable measures to coexist in harmony.

India is on the verge of a crucial period in its history, which will determine the journey towards achieving a $5 trillion economy. At such exciting times, only the best global practices should be carried forward. A secured future which not only addresses the concerns about climatic risks but also creates an efficacious green policy is imperative. To build a framework which keeps a balance between economy and ecology will result in mindful and self-sustainable development. A green future can be achieved with green engineering techniques and green habitats, instilling a sense of reasoning and responsibility to design our organic lifestyle.

Hiranandani Gardens, Powai in Mumbai is over 250 plus acres mixed used integrated township comprising residential, commercial, educational, healthcare, retail and recreational development. This urban forest has several gardens, water bodies, man-made forest, avenue plantation, tree-line boulevards, podium, and terrace garden that embodies sustainable living in green oasis.

Disclaimer: This Press Release has not been vetted or endorsed by The Eastern Herald's editorial staff.

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