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Wednesday, June, 29, 2022

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How Reverie Is Serving Bharat With Multilingual Bots



Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:
 Through its robust partner ecosystem Reverie empowers multilingual chatbots to enable language interface through voice and conversational AI be it the WhatsApp channel or other digital assets. Several industry pioneers, including Boonbox, are exploring the voice channel to achieve agent engagement and customer satisfaction with Multilingual Chatbots. 
 Achieving the vision of language equality on the Internet has always been the focus of Reverie
 Braj Bhushan, Head Channel partner ecosystem, Reverie Language Technologies commented – “Most companies across sectors, including BFSI, healthcare, and retail, use chatbots to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs; however, they are mostly English-first. 
But the Indian market comprises only ten percent of English-speaking Indians. In contrast, the remaining ninety percent are conversant in Indian languages. So, who are we catering to? Are we meeting the needs of our Bharat audience? Are we serving them in a language they prefer?” 
Understanding the need to support the Indian market and its consumers, Reverie builds multilingual solutions that break the language barrier; conversational AI for contact centre automation and voice-led social commerce activations, but a natural progression.
So, how does Reverie build Multilingual Chatbots that speak the Indian Language? 
On the modus operandi, Braj Bhushan adds – “We understand the use-cases to be automated through the bot. It is a step-by-step process to understand the desired user journeys for the different actions the BOT is supposed to do. The broad buckets for the same can be either command or transactional. Once we have the blueprint of the desired flows, Reverie, along with our partners convert the existing process to a conversation flow between the end-user and the bot.”
Many such firms such as Boonbox, led by Ramachandran Ramanathan, in taking the initiative and being more creative towards serving his customers, especially the ones in rural India with multilingual chatbots. 
Speaking on the initiative to build for Bharat, Ramachandran Ramanathan, CEO of Boonbox, mentions – “It is baffling that businesses have not yet realised the potential of voice services in customer interactions. We serve more than 2 million customers in India, spread across the country, and speak different languages; servicing these customers in their local Language drives enhanced customer interaction, satisfaction, trust, and retention. This was always Boonbox’s objective, and we were glad to receive advice and support on this from Reverie.” 

About Reverie Language Technologies
 Reverie Language Technologies is a mission-first company, striving to drive “Language Equality on the Internet.”
 We empower businesses and governments through our proprietary language technologies for text, voice, and video across the entire gamut of a digital customer’s journey.
 These include machine translation, speech-to-text, and text-to-speech conversions, search and discovery, Indic fonts, etc. Our technologies and solutions power digital assets like websites, applications (mobile/web), chatbots, IVRs, and more.
 Our confidence exudes from over a decade of experience in advanced language localization technologies We deliver cutting-edge solutions to both government and enterprises with a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals and our partner ecosystem. 

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