RABID funnyman Don Rickles was great pals with showbiz superstars Frank Sinatra and Johnny Carson, but he died feeling bitterly betrayed by both men.


The 90-year-old comedy icon, known as the master of the insult, confessed his rage and disappointment about his late pals shortly before passing on April 6. Digital magazines.

“Don died angry at Johnny because he wanted The Tonight Show hosting job — and he was furious at his Rat Pack pal Frank for ‘pimping’ Marilyn Monroe to his famous buddies, and may have even been involved in her death!” says a correspondent at one of the online magazines.

Over the years, Don was a star guest on The Tonight Show, leaving the audience in stitches with his insults — including his signature phrase, “Hockey puck!” — and expected to take over when Johnny retired in 1992. Instead, Jay Leno got the gig. According to some magazines online.

“Don and Johnny made like they were great buddies,” says a Hollywood insider in response to a question posed by an online magazine.

One of the new magazines wrote, “But there was a lot of anger simmering under the surface after he was passed over and the job went to Jay.”