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Thursday, October, 6, 2022

Press Release

Crosscope inks partnership agreement with Waleed Pharmacy to deliver Crosscope's AI-enabled Digital Pathology solutions in Oman

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., and PUNE, India, April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Crosscope Inc. a leading provider of AI-enabled digital pathology software and Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC, an Omar Zawawi Establishment (OMZEST) group company focused on bringing healthcare, hospital, and pharmaceutical solutions to Oman (officially the Sultanate of Oman), signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enable next-generation transformation in the Histopathology Landscape using Crosscope AI-enabled digital pathology platform. Together they plan to bring state-of-the-art technological solutions to Oman enabling their commercialization to deliver comprehensive cancer care, thereby, reducing the cancer burden in Oman.

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Cancer remains a major public health problem worldwide. According to the WHO, Oman is facing an almost two-fold increase in cancer incidence. Crosscope Dx is a workflow integrated vendor-agnostic digital pathology platform that offers end-to-end digital pathology solutions with advanced workflow features, integrated and highly flexible workflow solutions, open and scalable architecture designed for pathologists to help them decrease workload, reduce the turnaround time, ensure faster diagnosis and hence help in reducing the disease burden in the region.

Along with this partnership, Waleed Pharmacy will be an official representative of Crosscope in the Oman region. Both the organizations intend to bring state-of-the-art comprehensive Digital Pathology Platform, AI, and ML tools for cancer diagnostic service providers. They will also explore all the possible avenues for collaboration, working together and leveraging each other’s expertise, network, and know-how to improve the cancer diagnostics landscape in the region.

“We are delighted to join forces with the Waleed Pharmacy group. Waleed Pharmacy’s experienced team has a proven track record of delivering and deploying healthcare IT solutions in the Oman region and represents a perfect partner for Crosscope. By teaming up, we are confident that we have created the synergies to boost the development and commercialization of our digital pathology workflows,” said Dr. Jayendra Shinde, CEO of Crosscope.

Crosscope also intends to work with the leading key opinion leaders of the region in esteemed hospitals, clinical institutions, diagnostic chains, R&D Labs, research organizations, pharma companies, and other organizations in the related space where the company’s products bring clinical value to the users.

“We are exuberant with our recent collaboration with Crosscope. We are confident that as a joint force we will bring best in class Health IT solutions around the world to the GCC countries beginning & concentrating primarily in Oman,.” says Pawan Mordani, General Manager for Waleed Pharmacy. Further, he added, “This partnership will strengthen our efforts to not only reduce the cancer disease burden but also improve the overall health structure in Oman which will help in better patient outcomes.” 

About Waleed Pharmacy –

Waleed Pharmacy & Stores LLC is an Omar Zawawi Establishment (OMZEST) group company focused on bringing healthcare, hospital, and pharmaceutical solutions to the Sultanate of Oman. Driven by the vision to help develop the nation’s healthcare infrastructure through superior patient care and satisfaction, the company partners with industry-leading healthcare vendors to provide cost-effective products and timely services for the Oman market.


Pawan Mordani


For more information visit: Waleed Pharmacy & Store LLC or connect on LinkedIn.

About Crosscope Inc.

Crosscope; abbreviated for “Computational Microscope” is a medical AI software company on a mission to radically transform patient care by unlocking the power of AI. The company’s Crosscope Dx software is a digital pathology platform to facilitate deploying scalable Artificial Intelligence and Computational Pathology tools to empower pathology laboratories with precision diagnostics. Crosscope’s team of engineers, data scientists, and pathologists is developing a unique platform and AI approach to deliver efficient pathology workflows for increased diagnostic accuracy and productivity.


Press Secretary


For more information visit: Crosscope or connect on LinkedIn and Twitter


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