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Saudi Health Endowment Fund Honors Donors in Ramadan Ceremony

More than 50 businessmen and companies supported charitable healthcare in 2022


Under the patronage of the Saudi Minister of Health and Board Chairman of the Health Endowment Fund Eng. Fahd Al-Jalajel. The Fund held a ceremony on Saturday, April 16, to honor benefactors. The ceremony was attended by Vice Board Chairman and Advisor to the Minister, Dr. Muhammad Al-Qassem, and with the participation of more than 50 honored businessmen and companies.

During the minister’s speech, which was delivered on his behalf, Dr. Al-Qassem noted that the endowment’s efforts are a key lever in achieving the target of 5% contributions to the nonprofit sector of the overall Saudi GDP by 2030.

For his part, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Haidari, CEO of the Fund, thanked donors for their support, which resulted in its ability to deliver various free health services, pointing out that the fund’s goal is to be a pioneering endowment model that possesses financial solvency and knowledge capacity to contribute effectively in solving health problems facing Saudi society in general and the most in need segments.

During the ceremony, initiatives were announced by several attendees to supplement the fund with financial and in-kind contributions coinciding with the holy month of Ramadan, reaffirming their confidence in the fund’s active role. At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Al-Qassem handed honor certificates to donors, expressing his thanks and gratitude for their active participation.