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Thursday, October, 6, 2022

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LUCKNOW, India, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The luxury statement has changed over the period. And that too with an intellect of experience – is a connection that is sought eternal. Plus, the perception influenced by brand narration is like a missing link for many. D’Art did the same – joining the dots by creating a perfect design story with Top Brass as the main protagonist and mascots as different characters that are filling up the gaps.

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Mapping out consumer behavior in the Indian market, trends in relevance (with technologies), and classified touchpoints (in-store). D’Art arrived at ‘Colonial Architecture’ design root to provide a Global Premium Brand Experience yet keeping the ambiance (for the customer) intact.

Prateek (Sr. Design Manager, D’Art Design) added “The need to make it premium, we firmly stood on including the brand tone of blue with white and gold colors. It gave that premium touch to the whole concept. Plus, sequential planogramming of different sections in-store went from footwear, clothing to accessories.”

For the first time, D’Art introduced Mascot-Assisted navigation in a retail design. Where, the Top Brass mascot is a ‘Thinker’, a ‘Craftsman’, and a ‘Storyteller’ at the same time. Plus, the personification of the craftsmen involved in the process of shoe-making, is seen tangled in different stages of the process through its gestures.

Saurabh (Ideator, D’Art Design) concluded his approach to the design as a right mix of minimalism, luxury yet aspirational, and over that – Premium. He added, “While working on Top Brass, we researched heavily on consumer perception and behavior. And that’s on trends that act as a juggernaut for the buying behavior. Plus, people are lucrative on luxury – and that in form of minimalism. So, we amalgamated the premium feel that with luxury.

The Architect behind the project, Anshuraj (D’Art Design), made remarks on Top Brass design, “From the initial brief to the final design, I tried to create a balance between classical and premium perception. The indoor colonial architecture has classically shaped the high street panorama. The brass finish was necessary to align the design with brand ethos.

This showroom interior design is an assortment that possesses the capability to serve masses and classes at the same time. Thus, the mascot-driven craftsmen narrated mix stands out in various voids as an opportunity, voice, and pillar.

About D’Art Pvt Ltd.

D’Art Pvt Ltd ( is a classic amalgamation of DESIGN and MANUFACTURING services, a complete “RETAIL DESIGN AGENCY” serving since 2014, expanding business both nationally and internationally, aims to deliver excellent design for client’s growth and ensures timely execution with a dedicated team and resources believe that the root of our success goes hand in hand with client’s success and satisfaction.

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Rachhna GP

Worldwide Marketing Facilitator




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