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Saturday, October, 1, 2022

Press Release

Trace Network Labs Launches BUDDY, Connecting Metaverses via Digital Twin Avatars


New Delhi, Delhi, India:
 Trace Network Labs has announced the launch of BUDDY, the first-ever product that enables the creation of realistic-looking digital avatars in the metaverse.


BUDDY facilitates virtual replications of the users themselves, bearing a complete likeness to their physical attributes and other characteristics.


Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Lokesh Rao, co-founder and CEO of Trace Network Labs said, “BUDDY launch is a culmination of many months of effort to create a product that will onboard a billion users in the next 5 years and make them ready for ANY Metaverse. While BUDDY does enable future residents to mint their own real, human-like avatars, it also aims to become a digital identity for Web3, just like Google is for web2 – a single-sign-on for all metaverses.”


The project was first launched in its beta version at the WOW Summit Metaverse Festival and Crypto Expo 2022 in Dubai. It received an extraordinary response with over 600 Buddy avatars created and minted within 5 days by the visitors.


BUDDY provides a unique experience for metaverse users compared to what is available now. And this will be key to enabling creators to build digital life experiences for the meta-population.


Current Avatars in the metaverse are cartoon-looking and do not depict any traits of their physical counterparts. However, BUDDY will allow people to create their human-like looking digital self, with the ability to walk, run, shake hands with other avatars, among other things.


BUDDY avatars can be transferred across multiple metaverses, blockchains, games, and even virtual experiences that are built on various platforms. Simply put, a BUDDY avatar is metaverse agnostic.


Having real human looking avatars can positively impact the lives of a user. Think of someone who has lost a loved one. They can preserve the memories of their loved ones in a real-looking avatar which the user can then interact with inside the metaverse, providing a therapeutic experience for the user.


The product is now live on Trace Network Labs and one can mint BUDDY on 

About Trace Network Labs

Trace Network is a decentralized protocol enabling real looking digital twins and lifestyles for them in multiple metaverses on different chains. Trace is enabling the next era of Luxury Lifestyle For Metaverses powered by NFTs & Digital Fashion. In nutshell, Trace Network Labs is paving the path for an immersive experience in the metaverse for real-world activities like work, play and socializing with family friends and colleagues.

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