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Saturday, May 28, 2022

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FTX Digital Markets Partners with Solidus Labs for Trade Surveillance and Transaction Monitoring Services

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New York, United States & Nassau, Bahamas:

FTX Digital Markets (“FTX”), the Bahamian subsidiary of FTX Trading Ltd., today announced that it has partnered with Solidus Labs, a category-definer for crypto risk monitoring, to provide market surveillance and transaction monitoring across FTX’s platform. As part of the partnership, FTX will deploy Solidus’ HALO platform, which provides risk monitoring, fraud-prevention and compliance services for digital assets.



“FTX Digital Markets has always been committed to providing our users with industry-leading products and services, while also promoting full transparency and holding ourselves to the standards commonly found in legacy finance,” said Ryan Salame, Co-CEO of FTX Digital Markets. “Solidus’ crypto-native approach, commitment to enabling transparency within the crypto ecosystem, and tools tailored for digital asset trade monitoring and surveillance makes the partnership an obvious choice. We are looking forward to working with the Solidus team to position our users for success by providing market-leading regulatory, compliance and security services.”


Solidus HALO is currently used to monitor more than 1 trillion events per day across more than 150 markets, protecting more than 25 million retail and institutional entities. It will enable FTX to access risk and compliance programs in one platform, while also utilizing behavioral-based detection models powered by machine-learning to address a range of crypto-specific threats and alerts. Advanced investigative tools, case management capabilities, 24/7 real-time monitoring and more than 200 integration points supported by HALO will provide FTX with insight into market integrity and allow it to identify potential risks across on-chain and off-chain data. The platform also amplifies FTX’s compliance capabilities amidst an evolving regulatory landscape.



“FTX is leading the charge towards safer crypto markets, driving public and institutional adoption, and taking the industry forward,” added Asaf Meir, Solidus Labs’ Founder and Chief Executive. “We’re delighted to support their effort through our crypto-native tools, and to continue working together to enable the potential of crypto to make finance more accessible, transparent and efficient, by mitigating the new risks.”


FTX Digital Markets


FTX Digital Markets is the Bahamian subsidiary of FTX Trading Ltd., owner and operator of FTX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange built by traders for traders. FTX Digital Markets offers users regulated access to FTX’s industry-leading derivatives, options, volatility products, as well as other FTX products and services. To learn more, please visit:


Solidus Labs


Solidus Labs is the category-definer for crypto-native triple T (T3) market integrity solutions – trade surveillance, transaction monitoring, and threat intelligence. Our mission is to enable safe crypto trading throughout the investment journey across all centralized and DeFi markets. As the founder of industry leading initiatives like the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition and DACOM Summit, and in everything we do, Solidus is deeply committed to ushering in the financial markets of tomorrow. To learn more, please visit:




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