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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
SocietyCanadian fashion model Loverboyakin is making his mark beyond the runway

Canadian fashion model Loverboyakin is making his mark beyond the runway

Modeling is just not about pretty faces and designer dresses. There is a lot of work that is done behind the runway and photo shoots that are not often recognized. Akinyemi Akinro, also known as ‘Loverboyakin’ is a new-age talent who has stepped into the modeling industry to inspire others. From a business degree to high-end photoshoots, Loverboyakin is exploring his skills every day while being a professional fashion model. His story can inspire millions to chase their dreams.

In an industry that thrives on fresh talents, it was not easy for Loverboyakin to carve a niche and become distinguished. Competing with other models in front of a judged panel is the key behind Loverboyakin’s escalating success in the modeling industry. Being a fashion model, he is also managing his own clothing brand ‘Oddmindsworldwide’, which has now become one of the most prominent clothing brands in Canada.

Moreover, he has also modeled for renowned clothing brands and has many top-notch projects lined up for the future.

After a series of accomplishments as a model, Loverboyakin doesn’t want to limit his talent only to the modeling industry.

Loverboyakin now wants to share his story with others to inspire them to follow their dreams. He believes that the future is unpredictable and a person will never find his forte if he never tries to explore his skills. For him, limiting oneself to a profession at a young age is an obstacle to discovering one’s own versatility. This is the reason, Loverboyakin wants to leave no stone unturned to chase every goal that he sets for herself and settle for the one that gives him a sense of fulfillment.

Currently, Loverboyakin is enjoying his success as a model and hopes to partner with more globally-renowned brands in the near future.

Follow Loverboyakin on Instagram @loverboyakin, and on Twitter @loverboyakin

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Synthia Rozario
Synthia Rozario
Senior correspondant at The Eastern Herald. Formerly, correspondent of The Eastern Express, Hong Kong.

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