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Monday, July, 4, 2022

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Here’s How SkillGames, a Newly Launched Mobile Gaming App Will Help to Earn Online



Dhanbad, Jharkhand, India:

Launched for both Android and iOS users
Provides a unique interface with easy-to-use and safe wallet features

SkillGames, a newly launched mobile gaming app gives Android and iOS devices an interesting upgrade. A one-of-a-kind game, it is designed in the interest of helping players with monetary needs combined with entertainment.
Currently, SkillGames has Rummy, Royal Chess, Fruit chop, Magic Tiles, 8 Ball Pool, and 9 Ball Pool working on the basic formula that players can earn a sufficient amount of money with their skills and slight investment. In case they feel less thrilled about investing initially, the free mode allows them to opt for either of the listed games. The cache being that they won’t earn money as the games will mainly be reserved just for fun in the free mode.
The standout and most attractive feature of the app is its wallet system. Instead of keeping the money arbitrarily confiscated to a separate wallet, the app ensures players’ deposits, earnings, and bonuses in a single wallet which means that they can withdraw their money anytime. This is an extremely useful feature and is touted as the app’s best features.
Commenting on the launch of SkillGames, the CEO, Aman Agarwal, says: “I am delighted to announce the launch of my lifelong dream project. The game has just started to gain traction. Initially, it was played for free but as players learned about the wallet system, they started investing. Hence, the funding had to be increased.”
“There are plans to expand SkillGames all over India and efforts are being made rigorously to do so. Our team of dedicated people are working to improve the app and make it an attractive choice for those who are struggling with financial situations. The goal is to make an India where games are not frowned upon as a waste of time and instead are utilized for productivity and mental pro-activity,” he adds.
SkillGames, despite the tough competition it faces with other apps of similar nature, is fiercely working towards carving a path for a future with an aim to be recognized as one of India’s most trusted apps.Website – more details, please follow SkillGames on:


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