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Tuesday, December 5, 2023


How to Increase the Interest in Sports


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Are you one of those people who skip hanging out with your mates, when they’re gathering to enjoy sports, either on TV or live? Some people just don’t have a general interest in sports and hurray for diversity. But some people might still have some curiosity about sports, which is why it’s worth trying out different sports-related things.

Soccer might not be your thing, but there are many other sports you might find interesting. First of all, it’s about piquing some curiosity for potential sports that might get you interested. Whether that comes from watching TV, reading the sports news, or checking the betting predictions today is up to you. Or you could try out a sport and see if it’s something you enjoy.

Did you know…?

There are many different types of sports in the world . Some of the most popular ones are of course soccer, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, tennis, and volleyball. But even though you might know about the majority of these sports, there are so many others to consider as well. For example, martial arts include karate, Muay Thai, mixed martial arts, and many more. If you like animals, horseback riding is also an option. Just be aware of the fact that this is also a really expensive sport to partake in, which is certainly worth mentioning. Sports such as climbing, mountain biking, or surfing might also be worth considering, especially if you like to feel your adrenaline pumping.

Popular sports around the world

What sports are the most popular in different parts of the world? In Europe, it is soccer, with Real Madrid being the most popular football club. Cycling, tennis, Formula 1 racing, and boxing are also among the most popular ones in this part of the world. In India, cricket is the number one most popular sport.

Chess and wrestling are also high on the list. In China, table tennis is the national sport, and badminton ranks high on the list as well. In America basketball, baseball, and American football top the list, but several more are widely popular too. There’s no doubt that sports are glorified around the world, and people are loving them. If you’re looking to try out a new sport or just learn more about it, the best thing to do is interact with it, as well as try it out yourself.

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Synthia Rozario
Synthia Rozario
Senior correspondant at The Eastern Herald. Formerly, correspondent of The Eastern Express, Hong Kong.

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