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Sunday, August, 7, 2022

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100 serbian doctors stuck at Frankfurt airport in Germany

They don't give us suitcases, we don't have our things with us. They tell us to go to the hotel, the doctors said


Doctors Dragan Stajic and Dejan Dimitrijević from Serbia were in Lisbon at the Congress of Gynecologists and Orthopedists of Serbia.

They traveled through Fog The Agency. They left Lisbon last night, and the transfer was supposed to be in Frankfurt and then to Belgrade. However, they stopped halfway due to a strike by employees at the airport.

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But even that wouldn’t have been such a big problem if they hadn’t run out of their suitcases they handed over before the flight was canceled. They were told that there would be no flights to Belgrade until Monday and that they would come for their luggage tomorrow.

–  These are unheard of. They don’t give us suitcases, we don’t have our things with us. They tell us to go to the hotel. Everything is already booked, we can’t even find accommodation. Lufthansa is offering us a plane on Monday, for only a dozen people. We all have to go to work already then. We ask the authorities of Serbia, the ministry, or the embassy to get involved and help solve this problem – gynecologists Stajić and Dimitrijević told in a talk with media.

so, about 200 tourists were trapped last night at Ciampino Airport in Rome, after Wizz Air postponed their flight to Belgrade three times, only to cancel it in the end.

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Passengers, as they say, were offered that the company cover the costs of hotel accommodation for one night, but they did not find a solution to return, because the next Wizz air flights are full, and the next ones are free in five days, writes

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