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Thursday, August, 18, 2022

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California Pistachio Brings to Life

New Delhi, Delhi, India
We have all played ‘Never Have I Ever’ at some point in our lives. Taking it one from here, celebrating the bond between father and child, California Pistachios brought a unique twist to the joy of snacking with loved ones, with a new #NeverHaveIEver activity as part of their larger #CrackItSnackIt campaign.

California Pistachios latest campaign for Father’s Day


The brand encouraged consumers to opt for healthier snacking options and enjoy a delicious and lighthearted snack with their family through an exciting and quirky game. Once recognized as a quintessential party – drinking game, #NeverHaveIEver received an elevated healthier twist with California Pistachios.


California Pistachios partnered with well-known content creators Deepak Yadav, Jagriti and Aaron Koul known for their humorous and engaging content on Instagram. The influencers played #NeverHaveIEver and discover fun facts about their fathers as they cracked open a California Pistachio if they have done the task. The content underlines the benefits of mindful snacking and spotlights pistachios as a fun snack that can be relished anytime. Leveraging the growing popularity of Instagram Reels as it is one of the leading short video formats on social media, California Pistachios is reaching out to the young Indian audience encouraging guilt-free snacking by collaborating with leading humour and lifestyle content creators.


Watch the videos here:

By Aaron Koul

By Jagriti Pahwa


For more information about California Pistachios India, please visit, Instagram at @CaliforniaPistachiosIN, and Facebook at /CaliforniaPistachiosIN.

Pistachios are a nutritious snack that can bridge hunger between meals, helping avoid over-eating at mealtimes. California Pistachios make a great alternative to snacks that are high in added sugars and saturated fats, offering a balance of nutrients and a good source of fiber, containing three grams of fiber per 28 gram serving. Offering both crunch and delicious flavor, they make a satisfying, convenient, tasty and fun snack choice to include in your diet each day.

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