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Monday, August, 8, 2022

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Demand for pirated Windows has skyrocketed in Russia


Over the past 90 days, in the Russian segment of Google, the number of requests to install pirated versions of the Windows operating system (OS) has increased dramatically. Growth, depending on the wording, amounted to 80-250%, the Kommersant newspaper writes.

It is noted that in June one of the fastest-growing requests was the free download of Excel, an increase of 650%. And in the last week, requests to download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool have grown 47 times.

Igor Martyushev, Director for the Development of Electronic Services and Software Solutions at Marvel Distribution, told the newspaper that there were no new deliveries of a boxed OS from Microsoft to Russia. Existing stocks will last for several months. Individuals have no problems with registration and activation yet. As for legal entities, it depends on being under sanctions.

A source in the IT market noted that it is possible to use a purchased “boxed” version of Windows or a laptop with a pre-installed OS, only by specifying not the Russian Federation or Belarus, but some other country during registration. The M.Video support service for the capital region reported that they no longer have electronic and boxed versions of Windows.

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Against this background, developers of domestic operating systems, for example, Red OS and Rosa Khrom, spoke about the growth in demand. However, Martyushev said that the mass consumer is unlikely to switch to Russian systems built on Linux. This system is the sphere of interest of advanced users, while Windows is more convenient for ordinary users.

Earlier, Microsoft announced that it intends to reduce its presence in Russia until it leaves completely.

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