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Sunday, August, 7, 2022

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Power outage … soccer match between Serbia and Belgium postponed, here’s when the “eagles” will take to the floor

We saw everything tonight in Niš and at the same time a little bit of it.


Serbia and Belgium, act one, unsuccessful!

The basketball players of these two selections spent only a minute on the floor of “Čair” in Niš tonight, after which there was a break.

As for basketball itself, there was quite a bit of the same. From the points, we saw a three-pointer by De Zeuva and a point under a foul by Obasoan, that is, a three-pointer by Vanja Marinković, and just before Nemanja Bjelica stepped to the free throw line, the electricity in the hall went out.

This triggered general astonishment, no one knew how to react, so people from the stands made a kind of “light show” with their phone flashes.

Serbia and Belgium soccer postponed
Photo: Sports Club

Not long after that, the power gradually returned, and information leaked out that the match should resume at 21:55.

That was in effect until the power went out again, and by then it was already becoming clearer that we would not be watching this match tonight after all.

Later, this information was confirmed by the referees, who also informed the fans about the new time of the match.

The second act of the duel between Serbia and Belgium, another 38 minutes of basketball, will be followed tomorrow from 19:00 at the same place. Of course, if something goes wrong again…

soccer match postponed
Photo: Sports Club

Serbia – Belgium 3:6 (the match was suspended)

The match has been postponed! The match will be played tomorrow at 19:00.

According to the official FIBA ​​website, the match has been suspended, and the time of its occurrence will be announced later. The visiting basketball players retire from the floor.

According to the information of Sportal’s reporter from Nis, the Belgians do not want to play while the lighting is at this level. No one in the hall has information on when the malfunction will be repaired.

Soon, the electricity in the hall will be completely turned off in order to restart the system, after which the match, according to the announcers, should continue. Allegedly, there is no electricity in the whole city.

The power went out again! The weather remains the same, unless something changes, the match will not be played tonight.

The decision has been made! The match continues at 21:55!

Despite the fact that the problem seemed to be solved, another interruption followed, and the start was postponed again. If the problem is not solved soon, the match could be postponed for 24 hours.

It is expected that the match will be resumed soon, the technical problems have been resolved.

Those gathered in the stands put on a real “light show”, since the flash lights were turned on, which illuminated the hall to a good extent.

The match has been suspended until further notice, the players are on the court, warming up, but it is clear that nothing will change until the electricity is restored.

3:6 – The break in the hall was due to a power outage! Nemanja Bjelica was supposed to go to the free throw line, but he will obviously wait for that.

3:6   – Nervous start of our selection. Under the foul, Obasoan scored for the guests.

3:3 – The Belgians open this match with a triple from De Zeuva. A quick response comes from Vanja Marinković in the same measure!

Starting five:

Serbia: Jaramaz, Marinković, Dangubić, Bjelica, Marjanović

Belgium: Lecomte, Obasoan, Vajvin, De Zeuv, Bako

20:35 – Both selections came out for the official warm-up, the match will start soon, and Čair is already extremely solidly filled.

Photo: Ringier/Marko Ljubomirović
serbia and belgium match was interrupted due to a power outage
Photo: Ringier/Marko Ljubomirović

20:00 – Our national team members came out for warm-up

The defeat against Latvia in Riga complicated the life of Pešić’s team, but now they will have a chance to make amends.

Serbian Soccer Team football match postponed
Photo: FIBA

Belgrade has been the place where the national team has been stable for years, but it’s time for a change. New city, new people, new energy, same team. South Serbia, you’re on the move!

Despite the fact that the Serbian national team suffered a considerable setback during the recent visit to Latvia, self-confidence and energy must remain at the same level, that is what characterizes us. There is not much time for pain and suffering, just four days after the defeat in Riga, Belgium arrives in Nis, the team that left us short-handed in the first meeting, recording a historic triumph.

If that’s not a warning sign before the meeting in the “Chair” hall, what should be? In essence, Niš should bring us something that we haven’t been able to see at home matches of our selection recently – a full hall and thunderous support from the stands – this selection deserves it. It is far from the fact that the support in Belgrade is insufficient, but one gets the impression that the people from the capital have lulled themselves into the certainty that the national team cannot leave there, and everything except full stands in the match against Belgium has no influence for our team.

Svetislav Pešić/Starspot/Srđan Stevanović
Svetislav Pešić/Starspot/Srđan Stevanović

The selector of the Serbian national team, Svetislav Pešić, also spoke about Belgium:

– A very important match, like all the previous ones. We try to prepare as best we can. The continuity of the team is threatened because from that game in Belgrade, which was played in front of 2,300 spectators, to the last one in Riga, played in front of 11,500 people, 23 players went through the representation. There is no continuity, except that I had the opportunity to meet those twenty-three basketball players. There were more during the preparations, but 23 of them were on the roster for the games. It is an alarming situation like the alarming situation in which Serbian basketball is. Where is the national team as the locomotive of Serbian basketball? – Pešić wondered.

He offered the answer himself.

– It is constantly mentioned that we won gold medals in 2001 and 2002 and that after that there was no gold. And there were exceptional results, but you don’t recognize them because you don’t recognize anything but gold. At the European Championship in 2001, when I was the coach, we played the quarter-finals with Latvia and we won by 114:78. Twenty years after that, our opponent celebrated in Riga in front of 11,500 people, where they sang from the beginning to the end of the game, so you can see what kind of support it is. If I envy someone, I envied them that evening for that support and willingness to go out and “break” to support their national team. Our boys gave their maximum, we were sad because we lost because we never want to lose, but we are not disappointed because the players in that game, in that moment, gave their best. And that means attitude towards the game, combativeness, desire to win…


–  You should understand and understand that we have made little progress in 20 years because in Serbia there is only basketball when Partizan and Red Star play, everything else does not count and the audience does not come to any games. The halls are empty, except in Čačak. And as for the national team, it is obvious that you should come to Nis, so that they support you. We are really looking forward to being here and having a full house, which is necessary for us to give our maximum and more than that and to try to win that game against Belgium. It is important for us and the victory gives us the chance to qualify for the World Cup.

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