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Monday, September, 26, 2022

Press Release

HIPEC Programme at Jehangir Hospital Stands Against Abdominal Cancer

The word ‘Cancer’ evokes more negative feelings than any other word and so every successful treatment of cancerous cells is a success story in the true sense. It was not that long ago that it was highly distressing to work with patients fighting cancer because the disease took a toll on both their physical and mental health, resulting in a poor recovery rate. 

Dr. Snita Sinukumar, First lady Cancer Surgeon in Pune, and Consultant Surgical Oncologist, Jehangir Hospital

However, with recent advances in the treatment of cancer, the scenario has changed dramatically. One such advanced treatment is Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC) for abdominal and ovarian cancer.

Jehangir Hospital has pioneered the use of a novel approach to treat abdominal cancers through HIPEC. While cancers of the abdominal lining have been difficult to treat in the past with traditional surgery, HIPEC combines surgery with chemotherapy, revolutionizing cancer treatment. 


Dr. Snita Sinukumar is the First lady Cancer Surgeon in Pune, who has obtained a Superspeciality. She specializes in the treatment of all aspects of women’s cancer especially ovarian cancer and HIPEC. She is also one of the best Surgical and Gynaec Oncologist in Pune, with Mch Degree In Surgical Oncology From Tata Memorial Hospital and, is highly familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of multiple cancer sites and has vast experience in various cancer surgeries. She is a Consultant, Sr Onco Surgeon, at Jehangir Hospital Pune.


 “HIPEC surgery is a step ahead in providing advanced treatment for cancer that has spread within the abdomen along the peritoneal lining. In the past, cancers that had spread inside the peritoneal cavity had no treatment options. However now with HIPEC, in carefully selected patients this can be offered to treat and cure such cancers,” Dr. Snita Sinukumar said.

The treatment for cancer that has spread to a person’s belly entails two steps. Along with surgery that helps to remove cancer that has spread within the abdominal cavity, heat and chemotherapy combine to kill the cancer cells. The uterus, bladder, and rectum are all covered by a thin layer of tissue that lines the abdomen in this unusual type of cancer. 


The surface of the ovaries and the peritoneum are both made of epithelial cells, which causes the peritoneal and ovarian cancer to look and act in a similar way, also causing similar symptoms. However, one can be diagnosed with peritoneal cancer even after her ovaries are removed. 


“This treatment has proven effective for the treatment of ovarian and colon cancers that have spread inside the abdomen and has certainly provided hope to several patients in whom such metastatic disease was earlier deemed incurable” she further explained. Older women are more likely to get peritoneal cancer, and among the symptoms, they should watch out for are rectal bleeding, nausea, constipation, appetite loss, and frequent urination.”

With the help of Dr. Snita and her team at the Jehangir hospital in Pune, which is well-equipped with cutting-edge tools and technologies, several patients with peritoneal cancer have been successfully treated. Dr. Snita Sinukumar has received specialist training in peritoneal surface malignancy and HIPEC from the National Cancer Institute (Fondaziones IRCCS), Milan, Italy.

“This procedure requires surgical expertise and multidisciplinary care, and at Jehangir hospital, this advanced procedure is being performed successfully on a routine basis. We, at Jehangir under the expert guidance of our oncology team, medical team, and nursing team have successfully treated several such metastatic cancers in the abdominal cavity. We are the only institute in the city performing the highest number of cases of HIPEC in the city,” Dr. Snita Sinukumar further remarked.

Speaking about it, Dr. (Col) S S Gill, Medical Director of Jehangir Hospital said, “This innovative procedure can improve long-term outcomes and provide more treatment options for patients who have been diagnosed with inoperable or advanced-stage cancer.”

Responding to the lack of hospitals providing such a revolutionary treatment option, Jehangir Hospital has established what is today one of the only and busiest HIPEC programs in the city. 


Jehangir Hospital was formally established in 1968 by renowned Gynaecologists Dr. R J Dhalla. With great respect for its powerful heritage that provides the foundation for an innovative vision, Jehangir Hospital following the ethos of Patient First believes in Comprehensive Care Management dedicated to patient care.

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