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Tuesday, September, 27, 2022

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Students reach stratospheric heights – Blue Blocks school collaborates with IIT Hyderabad to launch Space Lab

HYDERABAD, India, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blue Blocks Montessori School, a K-12 school in Hyderabad collaborates with IIT Hyderabad design team to design their Space Lab and Science Lab for its students.

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The quote ‘The sky is the limit’ is quite literal for the students of Blue Blocks, a leading Montessori-based, K-12 school in Hyderabad, when it comes to exploring the limitless possibilities of learning that this school offers. Among the series of innovative programs, the school has devised for its students over the years, the latest is a Space Lab in collaboration with the Department of Design, IIT Hyderabad.

In this latest project, the foundations of exploring the wonders of space, starts right from the ground level. The children get to collaborate with the students of the Department of Design, IIT-H, to plan and design the Space Lab within the premises of the school. By getting involved right from the planning stage, students become an integral part of the process and the program.

The mysteries and science of space has always fascinated mankind, right from early philosophers to the tech billionaires of today – from discovering stars and comets to exploring the possibilities of sustaining life on other planets. By inculcating a sense of wonder and interest right from early years, students will get to explore the different facets and subjects that relate to Space sciences – rockets, satellites, astronomy, biochemistry, bioengineering — the range of subjects are as vast as space itself. “The boundlessness, the limitlessness and the infiniteness of Space amazes children and adults the same,” says Mr. Karthik Ponnala, Physics Mentor at Blue Blocks.

Blue Blocks has always strived to provide its students a learning that goes beyond the prescribed syllabus. Pavan Goyal, the founder and his able team believe that the best form of learning is outside the textbooks and from life and the world around. “We are highly excited about the Blue Blocks – IIT-H Tie up! It will be an amazing opportunity for Blue Blocks children to work hand-in-hand with IIT students – and sharing their design ideas while building their Space Lab,” Mr. Pavan Goyal said.

Prof. Srikar, who is guiding the efforts through the Department of Design at IIT Hyderabad said that the idea of Space Lab for children is very intriguing and through unique participatory approach this will be one of a kind Space Lab for schools in India. He is bullish that through novel designs and pedagogical tools, Blue Blocks school children will be able to achieve wonders. Through the guidance of IIT Hyderabad design team, this space design and space program developed in collaboration, will create a platform for Blue Blocks school children to lean on to space sciences and potentially making them future space scientists.

Innovation and the skill set to create — is a thinking principle well-ingrained within the ethos of the learning modules designed for the students of Blue Blocks. Students, right from as early as 6 years, are exposed to hands-on and experiential type of learning, and no subject is considered too young to start. Over the years, the school has exposed its students to subjects such as drone making and NFTs, where students learn not just the principles behind the subjects – such as STEM and finance but are encouraged to explore their potential to create live examples of each. The drone project had students patenting ideas in and youngsters have converted their art as NFTs.

To kick off the Space Lab project, the school has collaborated with IIT Hyderabad’s Department of Design today. This is a One-of-its-kind Space Lab to be set up in a school. Again, in a departure from the norm, where children are kept away from such formal proceedings, the students also signed the agreement with IIT-H Design team along with the management of Blue Blocks.


The children of Blue Blocks are not just being readied for the future; they are given the opportunity to create a future.

About Blue Blocks 

Ranked amongst the leading schools in Hyderabad, Blue Blocks is a pioneering school and one of the few offering a pure Montessori-based education curriculum and Cambridge Affiliation. Established in 2009, Blue Blocks offers a strong and alternative method of learning that involves self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. Blue Blocks is an authorized Montessori School offering programmes for the ages of 1 to 16 years, from Pre-primary to High School. Blue Blocks imparts an application based learning and research-oriented thinking enabling students to gain experiential learning. Blue Blocks strongly believes in providing a rich and resourceful schooling environment to make children world ready.

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