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Thursday, August, 11, 2022

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America announces a new package of weapons for Ukraine

More powerful rocket launchers are coming


The USA will announce a new weapons package for Ukraine in the coming days, a government official confirmed this evening. The package is expected to include mobile multi-barrel HIMARS rocket launchers and various types of artillery ammunition, reports Reuters.

This information was published during the afternoon press briefing at the White House, where Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that the US believes that Russia is laying the foundations for the annexation of parts of Ukrainian territory. The Russians plan to install illegitimate pro-Russian officials in areas under their control, Kirby said.

Also: The reason for launching the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine

Kirby, speaking about information available to American intelligence, said that Russia plans to introduce the ruble as the official currency in the occupied territories and force residents to apply for Russian citizenship.

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