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Saturday, August, 6, 2022

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A strong storm in Serbia causes hardship to citizens – Fires engulfed several buildings, the wind carried off roofs, and trees fell

The situation on the streets is no better, so, as you can see in the video, trees blocked the roads.


The strong storm that hit Serbia today caused hardships to the citizens, during which several of them were left homeless, and some were stuck in traffic jams.

Also, the wind uprooted trees from the ground, carried roofs, and many streets were flooded.

After the hot heat wave “Lucifer” swept through Europe in the past few days, we “fried” for ten days at temperatures higher than 40 degrees, on Saturday at 8 pm the measured temperature was 20 degrees Celsius, reports the website

Leskovac firefighters had their hands full this afternoon. As a result of the lightning strike, several fires were caused, including two residential buildings.

A strong storm in Serbia causes hardship to citizens - Fires engulfed several buildings, the wind carried off roofs, and trees fell
A tree fell on a car during a strong storm in Serbia (Photo:

Lightning struck a residential building in the village of Gložane and Orašje.

The situation on the streets is no better, so, as you can see in the video, trees blocked the roads. Trees fell on vehicles, roofs were blown away by the wind.

The strong wind did not bypass Kragujevac either.

Fallen trees fell on parked vehicles, and in some parts of the city, the roofs of residential buildings flew off.

As reported by local media, Kosovska Street is completely submerged.

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The videos show rivers flowing down the streets of this city.

Citizens of Serbia do not remember a storm like this. A city the size of a walnut destroyed the crops of the municipality of Žagubica, and the greenhouses were broken into.

According to the locals, Atar roads were damaged. From Vinča, Mladen A. said that the city destroyed all the fruit and flowers in his yard.

The hail that fell in a short period of time made the village white as in the middle of the worst winter.

–  You are not aware which city is falling. I have never experienced this in my life – said Mladen A.

Heavy downpours hit Belgrade around 6 p.m., and in some parts of the capital, vehicles had to “swim” through lakes formed on the streets.

And so, at the corner of Zdravko Čelara and Cvijićeva Street, an impatient driver decided to drive through an intersection where there was a large amount of water. In Vojislav Ilića Street, near the Architectural Technical School in the direction towards the center, a barrier was created, which prevented trolleybuses from moving, and citizens went to side streets. The situation was no better in the Boulevard of Despot Stefan, Doktor Velizar Kosanović, in Batotova, Višnjička Street…

After the hellish heat, the next few days will be more pleasant, without heat and mostly dry, but from sruheda, August 3, it will be very warm again. A new refresh is possible after August 8.

This is shown by the latest forecast of meteorologist Marko Čubril, according to which the instabilities within the front have already affected a large part of the region, so locally there are thundershowers with passing very strong north-west wind.

–  In the next few days, less warm air will flow over us and it will be moderately warm with variable cloudiness, sometimes with only rare occurrences of rain, but after today, any amounts worth mentioning are not expected. A moderate to strong northwesterly wind will blow, while there will be moderate storms along the Adriatic until Tuesday. Nights and mornings are pleasant with minimums that will most often be from +14 to +17 degrees Celsius, while the daily maximum will mostly be from +24 to +30, and on Wednesday from +28 to +33 degrees Celsius – he says.

According to him, the second part of Sunday will bring stabilization and thawing, so that already from Friday, local maximums will be around +36 degrees Celsius.

–  Warm, but not extremely warm weather should last until around August 8, after which freshening with showers is possible – he states.

As he says, it seems that the hottest part of the summer is behind us, but that does not mean that August will not bring warm weather and temperatures above average.

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–  They should not be as high as during most of July – he says and adds:

–  Unfortunately, there is no concrete rainfall in sight and it is very likely that we will have to wait until the autumn months for some concrete rainfall, which would begin to alleviate this great drought – says Čubrilo.

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