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A woman with 2 vaginas discovers the trouble she has in bed – Everything has to work DOUBLE, and men’s reactions are completely UNEXPECTED!

A woman named Leanne Bell (37) has two vaginas, two uteruses, and two veginas, and she used this fact to start earning through the popular platform “Onlyfans”, and as she claims, she earns very well. Leanne hails from Arizona in the United States.

–  Actually, I make good money because of two vaginas – Leanne said in one of the videos she published on TikTok, where she often publishes various information related to her condition, in order to educate people, and also answers various questions they ask her.

–  I have two periods, and I have to do two Pap smears, which is really inconvenient. I have to wear two tampons and basically, I do everything twice – she explains.

As “Mondo” reports, Leanne says that both men and women on TikTok are fascinated by the fact that she has two vaginas, but that she has no luck in love because of her condition. Moreover, some men are repulsed by her condition, so they ended the relationship because of two vaginas.

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Earlier, News24 also reported a Cape Town woman who was born with two vaginas but that hasn’t stopped her from having a healthy happy family.

But what especially interested Leanne’s followers on the networks are her sexual experiences, and Leanne points out that because of her condition, intercourse can be painful for men.

–  When we tried to have intercourse, my first boyfriend hit a ‘wall’, which we didn’t know at the time was the septum that separates my two vaginas and is very sharp. It was very painful for him and he said that he will not do it again – said this woman, adding that two vaginas are not the “dream of dreams” for men, as many would think.

Leanne points out that already at the age of 14, when she got her first period, she knew that something was different in her.

–  When I put the tampon in, it hit the ‘wall’, and sometimes it also went in from the side. That was very strange to me – she admits.

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This woman usually has two periods every month, and she found out that she has two reproductive systems when she was 28 and went to a gynecologist to have an IUD inserted.

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