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Tuesday, September, 27, 2022

Press Release

How XGIMI Changed the Rules of the Projector Market

Projectors were once considered to be bulky, inconvenient contraptions that were fit only for school auditoriums and conference spaces. Over the last few years, they have moved into the home entertainment space and one big reason for this shift is XGIMI, a two-year-old entrant in the market.


Mr. Sushil Motwani – Official India Representative of XGIMI


Sushil Motwani, XGIMI’s Official India Representative, says, “We stepped into India on 7th March 2020, at a time when the pandemic was just setting in, and yet there has been a quick, exponential growth in the demand for our projectors and it is not hard to see why. XGIMI has blazed a trail with products that are a far cry from the inconvenient, unwieldy projectors that were cumbersome to install and use. Consumers now associate XGIMI products like Aura, Halo, Elfin, Horizon, and Mogo Pro Plus with compact design, portability, convenience, and immersive entertainment. The good news is that we are just getting started.”


Another factor that has contributed to this positive surge of interest in projectors is the pandemic-induced need for larger-than-life entertainment right at home. Says Motwani, “Home entertainment has changed enormously during the pandemic and as a brand, XGIMI has brought with it, the revolutionary 4K projector technology, futuristic sound, plug-and-play ease, and a whole lot of smart specifications that transform a living room into a movie theatre or a sports stadium.”


XGIMI projectors


Another thing, he says that has worked in the brand’s favor is its personalized service along with an extensive distributor network, and word-of-mouth feedback, at a time when the Indian market was ready for something new in the luxury consumer market. Consumers wanted a product that could bridge the gap between high-end televisions and the theatrical experience. An affordable product that checks all the boxes has a compact, adaptive, flexible design, and eliminates the need for a Bluetooth and an Artificial Intelligence speaker, a Fire TV stick, a Google Chromecast device, and a television, is truly game-changing. Millennials are now increasingly buying projectors like XGIMI to upgrade their viewing experience and the brand is all set to introduce even more advanced products in the near future.

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