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Friday, October, 7, 2022

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Stratbeans joins the Shared Services Summit & Awards 2022 As a Gold Partner

From Cost Slayers To Value Drivers, Co-locate Co-create Co-innovate

HYDERABAD, India, Aug. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Stratbeans, a leader in next-generation digital transformation in the Industry, joins as a key partner at the Shared Services Summit & Awards 2022. This summit brings together outstanding professionals in the field of shared services to discuss the best practices, insights, and experiences about process automation through the use of digital tools and the realigning of operating models. The event is taking place in Hyderabad at the Le Meridien.

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                <img alt="The Shared Services Summit &amp; Awards 2022 welcomes Stratbeans as a Gold Partner to introduce the idea of Innovations in process capture &amp; knowledge transfer automation on August 26 in Hyderabad" src="" title="The Shared Services Summit &amp; Awards 2022 welcomes Stratbeans as a Gold Partner to introduce the idea of Innovations in process capture &amp; knowledge transfer automation on August 26 in Hyderabad"></img>


The CEO of Stratbeans, Mr. Sameer Nigam, introduced the summit’s focus, “Innovations in Process Capture & Knowledge Transfer Automation,” concentrating particularly on the following parameters which are becoming critical issues for the Shared Services Industry :

  • Recent Innovations for Transition Cost Reduction

During the early transition stages, shared service providers devote a lot of time to interviewing client resources to capture technical and business information. This knowledge transfer is a time-consuming manual process in which Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on both sides spend considerable effort documenting each step. Articulate 360 KT KM kit transforms knowledge transition and management for shared services by providing technology tools, a proven management structure, and a business support help desk bringing efficiency and innovation and most importantly cost reduction.

  • How to automate Standard Operating Procedures creation

Providing a one-stop digital solution, first-time knowledge capture to reduce the need for travel and SMEs dependency. In addition, simulation-based digital knowledge to reduce the overall transition curve, and build a more immersive, engaging business experience with video and simulations all help automate the creation of Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Rapid knowledge management

Rapid knowledge management uses the KMS to handle all of the process documentation DTPs/SOPs. SMEs upload the DTPs/SOPs for approval, and the reviewer can approve or reject the SOPs.

  • Knowledge management for smooth business operations

The new framework boosts team participation and smooth business process functioning through a repository of knowledge management and version control.

“The ultimate strategy for accelerating innovation and gaining a competitive edge is knowledge sharing,” says Sameer. Stratbeans envisions being a leader in Digital transformation by collaborating with stakeholders and being an integral part of industry events like Shared Services Summit & Awards 2022. 

Stratbeans Elearning Services and L&T Products is an online learning program that offers learners a simple online platform in addition to interactive video-based content. Their portfolio includes end-to-end services like Elearning, Learning Management systems, administrative tools, and MIS for training managers to track and manage the development of their learners. Alongside the company works with Fortune 500 corporates and advises enterprises through the process of investigating the idea of interactive online training and assessment.


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