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Sunday, October, 2, 2022

The United States does not disclose the volume of all assistance to Ukraine

The authoritative American publication Politico suggested that the American authorities do not speak publicly about all the military assistance provided to Kyiv.

The Politico newspaper in one of its publications reported that Washington is providing the Ukrainian army with more military assistance than is reported.

In particular, such a conclusion is made on indirect grounds. For example, a senior Pentagon official recently acknowledged at a briefing that the United States had sent HARM anti-radar missiles to Ukraine for some time, although this was not officially announced.

“When we first announced the initial provision of HARM missiles, the way that we characterized it in the announcement was not specific. We described that we were providing a counter-radar capability,” he said, reported by Politico.

Citing its sources, the publication also reports that the latest “Ukrainian package” of military assistance includes Excalibur-guided artillery shells. The United States also prefers not to make this supply of arms public.

Further, the publication refers to a notice sent by the US administration of Joe Biden to Congress, which, among other things, states that the weapons sent to Ukraine are “not limited” to the list that appears on it.

“We acknowledge that this is all speculation. No one in the administration has confirmed or even hinted at secret arms shipments to Ukraine. And, even if they had taken place, it is unlikely that they would have shared data on such a secret decision with us,” the article notes.

Earlier, the United States allowed the transfer of new types of weapons to Ukraine, at the moment, the total amount of officially announced military assistance to Kyiv amounted to $10.6 billion.

Meanwhile, The Washington Post reported that the United States is increasing the supply of weapons and ammunition to Ukraine by sea.


“The Pentagon has expanded the use of sea shipments to deliver weapons to Ukraine,” the publication reported. Previously, arms deliveries to Ukraine went mainly by air. The Americans began to use the sea route in the spring – mainly for sending artillery and heavy weapons.

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As expected, in this way Kyiv will be able to accumulate a larger arsenal. However, the Pentagon did not provide specific supply routes, the publication says.

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