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Wednesday, September, 28, 2022

Press Release

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte. Ltd. Signs MoU with Noida International University to Run Environmental Studies Program for the Students

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte. Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Noida International University for the launch of “Blue Nudge – Environmental Studies: Community Engagement and Behaviour Change Program”. The program aims at introducing the students to the interdependency between community engagement, behavioural change, and building greener economies. It will expose students to societal and behavioural interventions while instilling in them the essential values of service and empathy. This exposure will transform the state’s youth and prepare them to be the torchbearers of sustainable living.

Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte. Ltd. signs MoU with Noida International University to run Environmental Studies program for the students


The course will be mandatory for all students at the university, regardless of the degree or stream of study being pursued. Approximately 4,000 students are expected to participate in the program.


The MoU was signed by Professor (Dr.) Uma Bhardwaj, Vice-Chancellor, Noida International University, and Mr. Harsh Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Planet Skills in the presence of a team from Blue Planet Pte. Ltd. and Noida International University. 


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Harsh Mehrotra, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Planet Skills said, “We are proud and honoured to partner with Noida International University, an academic institution that is redefining education for students from across the country. Blue Planet Skills is committed to inculcating sustainability-oriented skills & behaviours in the coming generation. By ensuring large-scale awareness among the youth, we are confident that a positive, tangible change can be created to make a cleaner & greener planet. We look forward to our collaboration with Noida International University to empower the coming generation with professional & environmental skills.” 


Professor (Dr.) Uma Bhardwaj, Vice-Chancellor, Noida International University said, “We are glad to be partnering with Blue Planet Skills for this program. The hands-on experience and skill development that this program will provide to our students will position them ahead of the competition. This partnership is the perfect fit for Noida International University’s goal to continue to evolve education and academics to keep in touch with emerging trends in the world. We look forward to collaborating closely to encourage the next generation towards sustainability.” 


The program is designed as a mandatory two credit course of 30 Hours which is divided into 10 hours of online learning covered through eight modules and 20 hours of assignment and fieldwork. As part of this fieldwork, students will also be encouraged to collect plastic, paper, and cloth-based waste.


This waste will then be collected by Blue Planet to be upcycled into useful products to promote a circular economy. The plastic waste will be upcycled into school benches, while the paper waste will be upcycled into fresh notebooks, and the cloth-based waste will be upcycled into school uniforms.


Blue Planet Skills since its inception has launched other Collective Responsibility Drives with City Montessori School in Lucknow, and with the Department of Education, the Government of Delhi, and has engaged over 25,000 students and with VSIT Mumbai. Furthermore, Blue Planet Skills has also partnered with leading corporates and international organizations such as UNICEF for Collective Responsibility Drives.

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About Blue Planet Skills

Blue Planet Skills – Blue Nudge is a unique Platform which gives learners a nudge for becoming more responsible towards the earth. We believe that Blue nudges would bring behavioural change, especially at a young age by introducing concepts like Green economy, circular economy, Sustainability, etc. Our mission is to Incorporate sustainability learning opportunities into daily life of the learner, including health and environment sustainability.


Blue Nudge is a simple, yet effective way for learners to learn how to use resources efficiently and earn a Planet Warrior Certification for their efforts.


For more information,  please visit website


About Blue Planet Environmental Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Blue Planet is a Singapore headquartered company driving regional sustainability through technology-driven and IP-based end-to-end solutions for waste management and upcycling.


Blue Planet has assembled a strong team of experts to lead its growth and has strategically acquired solutions that enable it to provide the collection, transportation, segregation, processing, and treatment of waste. Through a technology-driven strategy, the company has created a carefully designed platform for end-to-end waste management solutions. The goal is to apply these technologies across various stages of the waste life cycle to be able to close the loop, provide circular economy solutions and achieve the vision of zero waste to landfill.


For more information,  please visit website

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