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Tuesday, September, 27, 2022

Germany is leaving two nuclear power plants in reserve, shutting down the others by the end of the year

These switchboards should remain in reserve until April next year so that they can be connected to the grid in the event of a crisis in the southern German grid.

Germany is sticking to its plan to shut down the remaining nuclear power plants by the end of the year, but, contrary to previous plans, two plants will remain in reserve in case of the need to reconnect to the grid, German Economy and Energy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) said on Monday.

Dangerous technology

–  Current tests on the possibility of an energy collapse do not indicate an acute danger this winter, but they do not rule it out either. That’s why we decided to introduce a time-limited backup of the Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim nuclear power plants for this winter – Minister Habeck said.

Environmental organizations have already criticized this decision

At the same time, Habeck emphasized that the decision to shut down the remaining three nuclear power plants by the end of the year remains the same.

–  We will comply with the decision to give up atomic energy by the end of the year as defined by law. Atomic energy is and remains a dangerous technology, and atomic waste will burden entire generations – said Habeck and ruled out the possibility of ordering new nuclear fuel.

Environmental protection organizations criticized the decision

German environmental organizations have already criticized this decision by the German government.

–  The German government’s decision to cancel the painstakingly achieved decision to give up atomic energy by the end of the year is fatal and opens the door to additional life extensions for outdated and dangerous reactors – the German Environmental Protection Agency (DUH) said in a statement.

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The German opposition, as well as parts of the social democratic/green/liberal government, are asking for a temporary freeze on the decision to abandon atomic energy. In the wake of the energy crisis caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Germany was criticized by some European partners for insisting on abandoning atomic energy.

However, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this was not happening quickly enough in some parts of Germany, such as Bavaria.

“The expansion of power line capacities, of the transmission grid in the south, has not progressed as quickly as was planned,” the chancellor said, reported by

“We will act for the whole of Germany, we will support all regions of Germany in the best possible way so that the energy supply for all citizens and all companies can be guaranteed as best as possible”, told Sholz.

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