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Thursday, October, 6, 2022

Press Release

Nirvana Being's Ventimax, a 2-in-1 solution for Indoor Ventilation and Air Purification

NEW DELHI, Sept. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Environmental factors such extreme temperatures in the summer, cold winters and the use of new age technologies such as split AC’s and air purifiers have forced us to seal people indoors, with little to no ventilation in ones’ immediate surroundings. This not only creates a huge health hazard in the form of poor ventilation, inadequate fresh air, but also accelerates the accumulation of Carbon Dioxide in indoor spaces.

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Moderate to high levels of carbon dioxide can cause headaches and fatigue, and higher concentrations can produce nausea, dizziness, and vomiting. Loss of consciousness can occur at extremely high concentrations.

As a result of the excessive use of AC’s and air purifiers requiring sealed rooms, people are consuming all the oxygen present but also trapping all the CO2 released by their bodies; a natural byproduct of the metabolic process.

To prevent or reduce high concentrations of carbon dioxide in a building or room, fresh air must be supplied to the area.

Nirvana Being’s Ventimax is ideal in-home, solution for pure ventilation that simply pulls in fresh air from outside the building to replace existing air that cannot be recirculated. Not only does the Ventimax eliminate the effects of being in a high carbon dioxide environment, through a HEPA filter that filters all PM2.5 out of the ambient air down to PM 0.3 microns, the Ventimax possesses the impact of creating a slight positive pressure in the room that blocks polluted air from entering.

The Ventimax is the perfect device for indoor spaces such as bedrooms, board/meeting rooms, school classrooms, offices, hospitals, basements, fitness centers, yoga rooms and more.

A one of its kind device, the Nirvana Being Ventimax comes in two variants and starts from only INR 19,995/- and will last you up to 8 years, with an easy to replace filter that can be purchased at a minimal cost.

Mr. Jai Dhar Gupta, Founder & CEO, Nirvana Being says, Nirvana Being has been working in the space of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and human well-being for almost 5 years and we’re extremely proud of our Nirvana Being Ventimax as a solution to fix this, at a cost which is frankly a no-brainer, in the overall scheme of things.”


In over 4 years of air quality surveys in offices, they are yet to find an office with CO2 levels under 2000ppm, bearing in mind that 750ppm is considered safe for indoor spaces! Meeting rooms are the worst, as 6-8 people sit in a closed room for hours. 

New age schools have installed Split ACs and air purifiers for comfort. In order to give the children an edge, they don’t realize that since 25+ children are in a closed room, it sends CO2 to more than 4000ppm on most occasions. 

About the product –

Nirvana Being’s Ventimax pulls in fresh outdoor air from outside your room, through a pre-fitted HEPA filter, to draw in the filtered fresh air – like a window with a filter. It filters all PM2.5 out of the ambient air down to PM 0.3 microns and has the impact of creating a slight positive pressure in the room, so no polluted air can enter.

Ideal for bedrooms, school/college classrooms, offices, meeting/board rooms, any other location that has poor or no fresh air intake.

The filter is replaceable and each filter should last 1-3 months, depending on the ambient AQI.

About Nirvana Being (

Founded in 2015, the name Nirvana Being has become synonymous with sustainable, scientific and responsible clean air solutions. Our company name comes from Buddhism, where Nirvana Being means a state of enlightenment or elevated consciousness; about sustainability and our  breath.


Our product portfolio consists of sustainable, stylish, reusable and affordable clean air products to shield you from harmful pollutants/viruses in the air and allow you to live a healthy life, without compromising your lifestyle. We offer an array of products that protect you everywhere you go- both indoor and outdoor. Starting from specialized masks with the highest certifications for general everyday use to sports masks with a higher surface area for better breathing capability, we  have products that are globally certified and tested to suit your needs. We have also introduced Indoor Air Purification to ensure that indoor spaces are health and safety compliant. Additionally, we provide purification and monitoring solutions for homes, cars and centrally conditioned buildings to make clean air more accessible.

For media queries, please contact: 

Sakshi Chugh 

Marketing Head



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