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Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Government and PoliticsBarack Obama warns of dangerous US political climate

Barack Obama warns of dangerous US political climate

Former US President Barack Obama said the politically motivated attack on the husband of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was the result of hate speech.

Speaking in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, three days before the midterm congressional elections, Barack Obama said, “The habit of demonizing political opponents, saying crazy things, creates a dangerous climate. We got politicians who work not to unite people, but to stir up division and make us angry and afraid of each other just for their own benefit.”

Barack Obama is completing a five-state tour to stem the decline of Democratic candidates. After speaking in Pittsburgh, he traveled to Temple University in Philadelphia, where he plans to perform alongside Joe Biden.

Biden began his day by speaking in Illinois in support of House candidate Lauren Underwood, who insists Republicans can jeopardize Medicare and Social Security, and stop federal programs that cut prescription drug prices.

Republican candidates claim Democrats have resorted to political violence, citing the widespread anti-racist protests that rocked the country in 2020. They have criticized the Democrats for failing to beat inflation and crime, two of the top voters’ concerns, even more than abortion rights (according to most polls).

Republican nominee for Pennsylvania Senator Mehmet Oz blasted on Twitter his opponent, Democrat John Fetterman, and President Joe Biden, for failing to provide enough support to the energy industry. If elected, Oz promised to fight inflation. “As your next senator, I will focus on issues that matter to voters in all communities, including lowering the price of everything from gas to food,” he wrote.

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Both parties have given Pennsylvania a lot of attention because its voters have repeatedly switched sides in the last four presidential elections.

According to the US Election Project, about 38.8 million Americans have already voted early (in person or by mail). Election officials warn that it could be several days after Election Day before final results are known in highly competitive states like Pennsylvania or Georgia.

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