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Shopping at Global Republic Is Now More Feasible – with Its Application

Business Wire India

Global Republic launched by Stanmax retail store chain (Delhi) has become a well-renowned fashion apparel brand in a very short span of time. Starting from scratch in 1976 from a 200 sq. ft. shop, Stanmax has become one of the largest retailers in north India. Adding to that, Global Republic has fueled this growth at a tremendous pace year after year.
In the past 8 years, Global Republic has become one of the best brands in India, keeping the needs and styles of its customers in mind while curating products. Now, they have launched their App to reach the mass audience conveniently. They aim to reach every potential customer pan India who is likely to believe in their products and vision.
While talking to Dhruv Garg, CEO of Global Republic, he enlightened on how they grew and how this brand is different from the other brands. In his words “After doing retail in multiple brands through Stanmax, we addressed that there are 2 major issues faced by customers in the fashion industry. The first is providing the right fashion at right time, as we know fashion is very dynamic in nature and it changes very frequently, the problem lies here is the most of the brands plans and book the merchandise in advance, and sometimes when the product gets ready, the articles have become out of fashion. To resolve this, we decided to improve our supply chain logistics and try to minimize the time span of designing to delivery. This strategy makes us proficient in providing our customers with a new range of products every month without any unnecessary delay and that show in our tagline too, which is "Fast Forward Fashion". The second one is, most of the brands design products taking the international audiences in their mind. The body shape, size structure, color palette, etc. of garments are not in accordance with the Indian audience. In the Global Republic, our core audience are Indian and we design products according to their needs and demand. In our 40 years of experience, we know the exact requirement of the customer and we designed our products taking Indian women and men into consideration. Our VPI products are jeggings for women and we have a vast exposure in women bottom wear."
As per him, they have expanded their presence not only in Stanmax stores but have more than 10 stores in the Global Republic and a presence in 60+ multiple brand outlets across India. After going online in April 2020, they use online feedback and reviews as a tool to improve their products and even business processes. They have figured out their loop wholes and accomplished them on priority. This customer-oriented approach helps them to achieve multi-fold growth in the last 3 years and they are looking forward to new challenges.
From the day of launching, their App download has a 5000+ count in a very short span of time with a 4.9/5 rating. They are expecting to reach a million downloads by the end of 2023 as they have various offers on their 3000+ varieties of articles which is applicable on the App only. They are also providing Rs. 500 Off on the first purchase through App. This is the best Gift for the loyal customers of Global Republic as they get more convenience and at-the-door service.
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