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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Hungarian ambassador to Kiev handed over to Ukrainian Foreign Ministry after Orbana’s remarks – Reuters


During a meeting with journalists in Budapest, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán presented his position regarding the current situation of the Russian-Ukrainian war, from which it appears that he does not believe in the victory of Ukraine and believes that it is gradually turning into an ungovernable ruin.

“Europeyskaya Pravda” talks about it.

Orban received 15 journalists in Budapest, including the responsible editor of the American conservative, Rod Dreger, who presented the main thesis to the Hungarian Prime Minister. We’ll tell it with separate quotes below.

According to Dreger, during the meeting, Orban said that in his opinion the West should understand that Putin cannot afford to lose the war and that he will lose, because next year there will be elections in Russia, and he cannot go there as president, who lost the war.

Moreover, according to him, Russia cannot allow the presence of NATO in Ukraine. Orban said that in his opinion, the time is over when Russia could conquer Ukraine and establish a pro-Russian government in the country.

“If Russia had won a quick victory, it would have been possible, but now it’s hopeless.” – noted the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Therefore, according to Orban, Russia’s goal is to turn Ukraine into an ungovernable ruin, so that the West cannot claim it as a prize. According to him, the Russians have already achieved this, because now Ukraine, like Afghanistan, is a “no man’s land”.

According to Orban, the West does not understand that in the war in Ukraine, time is on Russia’s side, because it is a huge country and can mobilize a huge army. Ukraine, said Orban, cannot do this.

The Hungarian Prime Minister also noted that the direct participation of NATO troops in the war cannot be ruled out. Orban believes that if the next Russian offensive succeeds, NATO member countries will have to consider sending troops to Ukraine.

“Today it seems crazy, but if you look at the trend of how we got here today, it cannot be ruled out… The West is at war with Russia. Such is the reality. Every day we go deeper and deeper,” he said.

Orban believes that the West is only pretending to be at war with Russia, but by sending more and more weapons and getting closer to a real military intervention, Western leaders are playing an extremely dangerous game with themselves. , Russia and Western public opinion, said the Hungarian Prime Minister. The minister reflects.

Sam Orbán opposes the direct participation of Western troops in the war, because “no one will emerge victorious from this war”.

When asked if Putin could use nuclear weapons, Orbán replied that he did not rule out such a possibility. It was clarified that he spoke of tactical nuclear weapons on the battlefield and mushroom clouds over Warsaw and Berlin.

He also said that if Ukrainians crossed the Russian border with Western weapons, “the future will be so bright that the West will have to wear sunglasses.”

Although Ukraine is succeeding in the war, Orban does not believe this will be preserved in the long term. Ten points to the Russians’ production capacity and convinces them that in wars, the Russians are traditionally weaker at the beginning, but later they are “unstoppable”.

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry will summon the Hungarian Ambassador to Kiev after Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said that “now Ukraine, like Afghanistan, is a no man’s land”.

“Another derogatory statement by Viktor Orban in the speech of Ukraine. Such statements are categorically unacceptable. “Budapest continues the course of deliberate destruction of Hungarian-Ukrainian relations, significantly jeopardizing the possibility of further dialogue between the two countries neighbours,” Ukrainian Foreign Ministry representative Oleg Nikolenko wrote on Facebook.

The Hungarian ambassador will be called “for a frank conversation”, which may be followed by other measures, Nikolenko added.

Earlier on Friday, Orbán said Hungary would veto any EU sanctions against Russia that affect nuclear energy.

Hungary has repeatedly criticized EU sanctions against Russia, saying they cannot significantly weaken Moscow, but risk destroying Europe’s economy.

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