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Thursday, March 23, 2023

“Amur” in Khabarovsk lost to “Siberia” but won one point


The match ended in extra time with the score 1:2

Novosibirsk arrived in Khabarovsk after two games in Vladivostok, where they got three points out of a possible four. It should be noted that all of them ended outside normal hours. A lot of strength and nerves were spent, but in Khabarovsk Sibir warmed up the opportunity to get revenge for the insulting home loss to Amour. Then the Khabarovsk team bounced back from 0:3 and managed to snatch victory from the hosts in the dying seconds without giving them a chance to win even a point.

Emotions from the match “Amur” and “Siberia” in Khabarovsk

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In turn, the “Tigers” had just returned from away games, where they won three games in a row, but in the end lost to CSKA. Before meeting the army team, the Khabarovsk team managed to climb to the eighth line of the Vostok conference and even get closer to the neighboring admiral. Unfortunately, the failed game with one of the leaders in the West, who is currently, by the way, not playing his best segment of the championship, dashed fans’ hopes that Amur could gain a foothold in the playoff zone. playoffs. .

However, I would like to come back. This match promised to be quite hot. Another interesting thing is that usually teams playing at home are deprived of such an unpleasant moment as acclimatization, the opponent experiences all the delights of jet lag, but not this time. Sibir spent almost a week in the Far East and managed to get used to local time, unlike the guests who had just arrived from Moscow the day before. However, there are quite a few young people in Love who are not so sensitive to long flights and recover well after them.

Amur started this meeting quite actively, creating three scoring opportunities at once at the gates of Anton Krasotkin, nevertheless, Siberia managed to fight back, moreover, in the first minute, Taylor Back confirmed the old hockey wisdom – you don’t score, they score you. The three attacking guests intercepted the puck and headed for the gates of Janis Kalnins and after a superb draw opened the scoring in this game. It was only in the second half that we managed to recover. Alexander Sharov’s goal, playing for Amur, was perhaps not as spectacular as Beck’s, but put the Khabarovsk team back in the game.

In the third period, the score did not move. The teams acted cautiously realizing how high the price of a mistake was, however, dangerous moments arose on both sides. Regular time ended with the score 1:1 – everything had to be decided in extra time. The Khabarovsk team could have done without it at the very beginning of the five-minute period, but Stanislav Bocharov’s puck did not enter the goal. But Alexander Sharov, playing for Sibir, turned out to be accurate.

– Good game, such emotional game, fast game. It’s a shame they didn’t take advantage of their chances, but Sibir gave up and scored. It’s hard to say what went wrong in overtime. Specifically, not hard – easy, just didn’t lift the puck. It happened, we will work on it, learn how to lift the puck, – said Stanislav Bocharov, striker of HC Amur.

The result of the match is 1:2 in favor of the guests of Novosibirsk, however, Amur gets a point which allows him to get closer to Barys (9th line) and Neftekhimik (8th line), who have an equal number of points at the end. end of the game.

– A very tense game. It was assumed that Amur would play this way. But, unfortunately, they weren’t ready for a few moments. There are small claims against our leaders. But we have to give the guys credit for trying to play for the result. We tried to go into extra time, where we scored a good goal. I’m happy with the result, but not quite with the quality of the game, HC Sibir head coach Andrey Martemyanov noted in a post-match interview.

According to the mentor of the Khabarovsk team, the team lost because of its own mistakes.

– Equal game. You cannot let such an opponent lead the count. We focused on that before the game and still conceded the first. A goal from our mistakes – four players failed in a foreign area, caught up somewhere, but did not work. It was a nice dedication afterwards. The opponent had more strength, but we still haven’t lost in physicality. The law of hockey worked – we had a better moment in overtime than the opponent, but we didn’t score, – said Vadim Yepanchintsev, head coach of HC Amur.

The next match “Amur” will also play in Khabarovsk with the same “Siberia”. The rematch will take place on Wednesday, February 1. We keep in mind the matches of the Siberians with the Admiral, where the guests won in the first match, but lost in seconds And hope for the best.

Emotions from the match “Amur” and “Siberia” in Khabarovsk

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