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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Life as a pornstar parent – “Other parents were watching us but we kept our heads up”


Working from home has a completely different meaning for parents Jess Miller, 32, and Mike Miller, 33. They quit their “regular” jobs to produce pornography and earn over five million a month.

Before that, they worked as makeup artists and in event management, earning around ISK 350,000 per month. But income has multiplied since they changed professions and started recording their bedroom activities and selling them online.

The couple have a page on OnlyFans, PornHub and they also produce live porn on the Chasturbate site.

“We hit it off straight away, which was pretty exciting,” Jess says in an interview.

Within a year of starting to sell erotica, they had made enough money and a large enough fanbase to focus entirely on porn. They have earned over 87 million ISK over the past two and a half years.

Pornstar couple and parents Jess and Mike.

Children know the truth

At first, they hid their new job from Jess’ children. Jess has two children from a previous relationship, a seven-year-old boy and an eleven-year-old girl.

“We’ve never been the kind of parents who hide something from our kids,” Jess says, adding that they decided to start giving kids hints about their work last year.

“We joked about it at first. We said something like, ‘Mom is topless on camera.'”

They finally told them the whole truth last year. “The boy is too young to really understand what we’re doing, but the eldest was very mature about it and said as long as we’re happy and love them it’s no problem,” says Mike.

“Of course, we talked about the future and what it will be like. We really thought about the pros and cons. Some people reacted very badly to this, but it works for us and most of our members. Family is together.”

Everyone at school found out

The couple started making videos on TikTok promoting their erotic content. But soon students at their children’s school saw the videos.

“We didn’t tell our daughter properly until someone from her school saw our TikTok videos and realized we were pornstars,” Jess says.

They admit that the reaction of many parents to the school has been negative. Jess remembers the day when all the parents at school found out the truth. “The other parents were staring at us, but we kept our heads up,” she says.

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