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Friday, March 31, 2023

Navalny’s team revealed the names of those sending the politician to ShIZO


Alexei Navalny’s team set up the names of the employees of the penal colony IK-6, at the direct initiative of which the politician is constantly sent to a punishment cell. This is described in a new video on the Navalny Live channel. According to investigators, the administration of the colony regularly holds meetings on how to further aggravate the life of an opposition prisoner.

The meetings, as shown in the video, are held by the head of the colony, Colonel Dmitriy Nozhkin. He acts “on order from above”, according to the investigators. Another employee is Yury Fomin, an assistant for security and correctional work in the colony.

The author of most reports regarding Navalny’s behavior is Lieutenant Mikhail Neimovich. The authors of the video report that he was personally assigned to Navalny and are monitoring all his actions that could be considered violations.

Also featured in the video are the names of nine commission members who are voting to send the politician to ShIZO.

Alexei Navalny was on January 25 put in a punishment cell for the 11th time in six months; often it is sent to the ShIZO almost immediately after the next release from there to the normal regime. The reasons for this were the unbuttoned button of the dress, washing half an hour earlier than scheduled by the regime, “reported badly to the colony officer” and other minor violations. The disciplinary cell is distinguished by particularly harsh conditions of detention. According to the description of the opponent, in his colony, is a cell of 2 by 3 meters, where he has to sit on an iron stool.

Copy of the camera of the politician’s supporters in January set up in front of the Russian Embassy in Berlin. The colony’s administration recognized Navalny as a malicious offender. He unsuccessfully tried to appeal in court against earlier decisions to send him to ShIZO. He considers the reasons for his transfer to the ShIZO to be far-fetched, he reports that there are practically torture-like conditions created there and that he has not received medical assistance.

January 17 marks two years since Navalny was detained after returning to Russia. Since then, the opponent has been imprisoned: first, he was sent to a colony in the so-called Yves Rocher case, then a new conviction was pronounced in the fraud case, and transferred to a strict regime colony. Navalny and his supporters consider the criminal prosecutions to be politically motivated. The main human rights organizations have recognized him as a political prisoner or a prisoner of conscience.

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