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Saturday, December 9, 2023
Pink PageShocked TV Woman - I heard a pornstar at work behind the door

Shocked TV Woman – I heard a pornstar at work behind the door

TV host Alice Levine was shocked to say the least when she heard a man masturbating behind a door. The man produces home porn and recently appeared on a Channel 4 show. LadBible reports.
Many people know Alice Levine from the hugely popular My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast. She is currently working on a documentary for Channel 4 in the UK on British sexual behavior, the series is called “Sex Actually with Alice Levine”.
In the series, she meets all kinds of people and examines what sex means to them. Whether it’s having sex simply “for fun, for money, or even for spiritual enlightenment”
Nikita and Sam. Image/Screenshot/YouTube

Sam and Nikita

In the first episode, which aired last week, Alice spoke to Sam, 29, and his girlfriend Nikita, 24.
Sam and Nikita fell in love in the midst of the Covid pandemic. Soon they started producing pornographic material and selling it online. These are so-called “webcam models”, but they are often used for people who produce porn at home in front of a computer camera (e.g. webcam) and often do it live (e.g. live).
Sam stepped aside to record a video.
In the episode, one moment was more embarrassing than the next. Alice waited outside Sam’s bedroom door while he recorded a “sniff video” for his followers.
“How do we know it started?” Alice asked, then it was obvious when he started.
“I can hear him breathing,” she told the camera in shock.
Alice was very surprised by all this.
When Sam was done, Alice said she heard him put on his pants, and he then walked over to talk to Alice. She asked how it went.
“Well, yes hot man. I’m dripping with sweat,” he said.
“I feel good, I had some good streaks, a few shots and I definitely lost a pound of sweat.”
Sam was sweaty and satisfied.
Sam is straight, but says the majority of his clients are men. “Over 90% of my fans are men,” he said.
“I think that’s why I’m doing so well in this industry. That’s how male porn stars make money, selling stuff to gay people,” he said.
“It’s business, no emotions involved.”
Here you can see a clip from the episode. You still need to be 18 or older to watch it and have access to YouTube.

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