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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sleeping with proud married men – “I have no remorse”

Gweneth Lee is a 49-year-old financial advisor and former model from London. She sleeps with married men and is proud of it. She explains why in an interview with The sun. She has abandoned her traditional love life and now only has secret relationships with married men.

“Since my four-year relationship ended in 2017, I’ve had affairs with a few married men,” she says, adding that there are as many men as there are differences. Many of them are businessmen, one was a hotel owner, and they all have in common giving him generous gifts such as expensive underwear and perfumes.

“I live a certain lifestyle and want to enjoy men’s company and exciting sex without having to deal with everyday boredom. Fight over who takes out the trash and have boring conversations about kids”, she says.

“Some women may be ashamed or afraid that others will judge them for being concubines, but I’m open about what I do. I don’t hide behind my decisions. But don’t get me wrong, I know that a lot of people don’t like that, that’s obvious.”

Gweneth recalls an incident where she was attacked by a pregnant woman. “An acquaintance heard I was dating a married man. She jumped on me belly first at an event and accused me of being a marriage demon,” she says.

“She didn’t have to worry, I would never sleep with her husband.” I think of people who criticize me and ask me, ‘Are you happy at home watching This Morning? Or do you crave excitement like me? »

Gweneth says it’s exciting to be with married men. She shares several stories in the interview and tells the story of a lover who bought her gifts worth 26 million ISK in one weekend.

Gweneth lost her husband.

Wasn’t always the concubine

“I wasn’t always the concubine. I was happily married. ‘When I was 31, I lost my husband, Rob, to cancer,’ she says.

“I may not pursue serious relationships because I lost my soul mate.” I struggled with severe separation anxiety after his death.”

I tried Tinder but gave up

Gweneth says she tried to give the traditional love life a chance. She even tried the dating app Tinder. “But it always ends badly,” she says.

She says with married men, she doesn’t have to worry. “Usually they’ve stopped having sex at home and I’m the only one they sleep with, so I don’t have to compete with other women,” she says.

Gweneth doesn’t feel guilty. Photo/Cavendish Press

Don’t feel guilty

Gweneth never feels guilty and doesn’t feel bad sleeping with married men.

“I don’t feel any remorse and I don’t even think about their wife and children. I don’t know them,” she says.

“I would never go after my friend’s husband.” In fact, I’m never “looking” for a man. I firmly believe that you can’t rob a man unless he wants to be robbed. I just don’t have that power.”

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