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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Slept with her aunt’s boyfriend and didn’t know what to do – “I think I fell in love with him”


“My aunt invited me to stay with her, but when she said ‘all mine is yours’ I don’t think she was talking about her boyfriend,” a 24-year-old says to Dear Deidre, a sex and bonding agent. officer The sun.

The woman in question had been living with her boyfriend for two years, but when he broke up with her last March, she needed somewhere to stay. Her aunt, who is 32, then invited her to live in the spare bedroom of her house with her boyfriend, who is 35. “She lives with her boyfriend, she’s known him since they were together at university,” says the woman.

“He’s wonderful and has been so helpful over the past few months,” the woman says, citing his example of helping her move furniture. “But last month, when my aunt was away for the weekend, things got out of hand. Neither me nor her boyfriend had any plans for the evening, so we grabbed some food and watched a movie together. ”

The woman says they decided to watch a romantic comedy and the movie brought her to tears. “He thought it was funny, pulled me close and hugged me. After a few minutes I was calmer but neither of us left the hug,” she says , but soon after, they kissed.

“I don’t know which of us kissed first but I think we both did.” We both left because we knew what we were doing was wrong, but there was something between us. We ended up having sex on the couch, it was amazing.”

Then the woman says nothing has happened between them since, as they both said they can’t do this again. “He’s stayed away from me ever since but I can’t stop thinking about him. I think I fell in love with him,” the woman says, then asks Deidre what she should do. Should I tell him that? Should I see if he feels the same?

Warns her not to steal boyfriend

Deidre responds and says from the way her aunt’s boyfriend is acting, he seems to know it was wrong. “If he stays away and hasn’t done anything since, it looks like he knows you made a mistake.” You also have to ask yourself – are you really in love with him or do you feel like another man wants you? Said Deidre.

Afterwards, Deidre says the woman should look for another place to live in order to be further away from her aunt’s boyfriend. “It will help you get over him,” she says, reiterating that the woman should not “steal” her aunt’s boyfriend.

“Your aunt has been very nice to you – stealing her boyfriend would be a slap in the face for her and it will cause more problems within your family.”

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