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Saturday, April 1, 2023

FC Krasnodar won the first victory of the new year, FC Sochi lost in the first match at the Emirates


They hit a lot, but only scored from the penalty spot

Last week, the “bulls” completed the first training camp. The final of the last day in Dubai was a friendly match with Tashkent “Bunyodkor”.

Krasnodar immediately began to take the initiative on the field. The opponent did not resist this – dutifully accepted his role to play the second number. The “Bulls” needed it and needed it to exploit the possibilities of their attacking football. Vladimir Ivic’s team focused on playing on the flanks, from there the ball flew through the middle. Afterwards, which is logical, there were shots on goal.

Eduard Spertsyan was particularly active in the first half of the game. The midfielder played on the left flank and featured in most draws. The player, who is said to be interested in football clubs in Italy, the Netherlands and Germany, gave aggravating passes, tried to attack at every opportunity. The “Bulls” showed combination football, but did not avoid long-range shots. In the final installment of the game, Olakunle Olusegun and John Cordoba have been particularly hard at work. All these efforts did not yield results. But the goal against Bunyodkor arrived. In the thirteenth minute of the game, Cordoba ran towards the goalkeeper with the ball, the goalkeeper committed a “last resort foul”. The penalty was successfully converted by Spertsyan. Then the “townspeople” continued to attack. They managed to create many chances. But it didn’t work to score.

After the break, the game did not change in character. Krasnodar had the initiative, created a lot, but could not score a goal. Olusegun particularly tried. The Nigerian obviously wanted to excel in this encounter but he couldn’t take credit for the goal. Eighteen-year-old striker Alexander Koksharov was perhaps one of the most dangerous moments. Student of the “bulls” spectacularly shot on goal, but hit the post. At the very end of the match, he again struck with a long shot, but missed. The match ended with a minimal victory for Krasnodar.

After the game, Ivic gave his first interview as head coach of the Blacks and Greens. The specialist admitted that he could lead Krasnodar even earlier. He thinks moving to Russia from Israel is a step forward for him.

“We have very good players. Some are now out of the cage due to injuries, and with the others we have been working for ten days. We have completed the first stage of preparation – its basic part. Pay attention to the style of play in attack and defense. Can’t say we saw a lot of high quality in-game moments with Bunyodkor, but that’s quite normal for this build-up period. We tried to give everyone time to play to understand what to expect from them. We will continue to do this during training camp so that the guys can show themselves, and that we can know if they understand our requirements. And of course we will move forward, ”said Vladimir Ivich.

After a few days off, the Bulls continued their preseason training. They moved to Abu Dhabi, where they still train: they work on technique, coordination and possession of the ball. During the second training camp, they will participate in the Winter Cup of the Russian Premier League. The first match will take place on February 3 – against Sochi, in three days there will be a duel with Spartak Moscow, on February 11 – with Rostov. The camp will end on February 14, after which the team will return to Krasnodar.

It became known about the agreement of the “bulls” on the move to Tula striker “Arsenal” Irakli Manelov. The Citizens student will play there until the end of the 2022/23 season. For the main “black-green” team, Manelov played 25 games, scored one goal and made one assist. At Arsenal, the player will evolve under the leadership of Alexander Storozhuk, who settled there after being fired from Krasnodar.

Fan identification is inevitable

In the meantime, the supporter identification system has been tested at the bull stage. The event was attended by the Minister of Physical Culture and Sports of the Krasnodar Territory, Serafim Timchenko, representatives of the country’s Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of Russia, employees of the Federal Service security, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Rostelecom.

The essence of the test was that more than two hundred extras and sixty employees of the control and administration department played the role of fans. Data was exchanged between the arena access control system and the identification system, various event scenarios were played out. As a result, it has been established that the stadium is ready to host Russian Premier League matches.

— From now on, each fan must have a personalized card. The person present at the stadium will be identified, and in the event of the commission of illegal acts, it will be easy to identify him. There are mixed opinions regarding this introduction, but I urge everyone to dive right in. The atmosphere of sporting events is always full of emotions, and this measure will allow you to enjoy the game without worrying about safety. The test events on the use of cards have already been passed, the system is working, sports fans should not have problems with Fan ID. You need to get a passport in advance to avoid a queue and a spoiled mood,” Serafim Timchenko said.

Fan ID first appeared in Russia before the 2014 Olympics. From July 4 to December 1, 2022, the purchase of tickets for competitions and admission to football was carried out with the mandatory use of the card in Sochi, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg and Nizhny Novgorod. Now you must have a personalized card to attend all Russian Premier League football matches. In the Krasnodar Territory, the first such match will be held on March 1 as part of the Russian Cup. Krasnodar will host CSKA. An application for Fan ID to attend the matches can be submitted on the public service portal, or you can also contact the service of the multifunctional center.

In the Emirates, they don’t let you pass

Sochi, after the end of the first training camp, which took place in Adler, gave the players two days off. On January 25, the team went to the second stage of training in Abu Dhabi. 29 Bars players traveled to the capital of the United Arab Emirates, including three players from the Sochi youth team: goalkeeper Vladislav Dolzhenko, defender Artur Kuskov and striker Zakhar Fedorov.

The first friendly meeting of the people of Sochi in the Emirates was held against the capital’s Lokomotiv. At the beginning of the “Leopards” Denis Adamov stood at the door. Moussa Sissako, Vanja Drkusic and Ivan Miladinovic acted in defense. On the edges – Sergey Terekhov and Kirill Zaika. Front – Christian Noboa, Ibragim Tsallagov, Artur Yusupov and Joaozinho. On the edge – Georgy Melkadze.

From the first minutes of the match, the teams began to fight for the initiative, to attack. This confrontation remained with the Muscovites. Midway through the first half, Sochi began to act more densely in their own half. Suddenly, it was difficult for Lokomotiv to approach the gates of the southerners. Midfielder “railway” Anton Miranchuk tried to bring Camano one-on-one with Adamov, but the goalkeeper saved the team.

A quarter of an hour before the break, Zaika closed Terekhov’s cross, but the ball flew over the gate. Sochi began to create chances more often, in the 37th minute Terekhov, having reached the Lokomotiv penalty area, shot powerfully at it, Noboa closed the pass from a touch, but the ball flew near the post. After taking a corner, Sissako had the chance to score, receiving the ball in the center of the penalty area, but this time the projectile flew over the gate.

In the second half, Kurban Berdyev replaced all eleven players. Soslan Dzhanaev stood at the door. Igor Yurganov, Artem Meshchaninov, Timofey Margasov and Artem Makarchuk came out in defense. Daniil Martovoy, Amir Batyrev, Kirill Kravtsov and Nikita Burmistrov took the lead. On the edge – Vladislav Sarveli and Zakhar Fedorov. In the 66th minute, midfielder Mikhail Shchetinin accurately shot into the far corner of Sochi – 1: 0. The southerners tried to win back, organized counterattacks, but Ilya Lantratov was able to leave his goal intact. But for Loko, Vadim Rakov managed to score the second goal. The ball flew into the goal after a well-organized attack. The striker was left one-on-one with the goalkeeper and struck almost from close range.

In addition to the match with Krasnodar on February 3, Sochi will play against Rostov on February 6, as well as on February 10 with Spartak in the Winter Cup of the Russian Premier League.

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