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Thursday, March 23, 2023

New Sochi coach Kirichenko explained why Russia is not stronger than Iran today

– The other day you lost to Lokomotiv in all respects. Not embarrassed by such a start of a first collection in its own right?

– I wouldn’t say that in any respect. Didn’t use their moments. Before the break, we played well, in the second half we replaced everyone, the youngsters came out, they conceded two. But on the contrary, I would like to bring us such a game as a plus, we immediately saw the weak points. In any case, it is impossible to judge the team at all by results in training camp. Everything is under load, so the priorities are different.

– Prior to this, two of your check matches were shrouded in mystery, that is, the composition was not released. Why such secrecy?

– Yes what now can be secrets! Contracts are signed even for friendlies, so you can’t hide anything if you want.

– For some time, absolute calm reigned around the new technical staff. But I guess you knew where you would be working after New Years?

– Of course I knew. For this reason, we left Iran. Also, since the end of November, they have been working for Sochi, reviewing a large number of actors in Instate and other search engines.

– “Tractor” you left the last of your technical staff. Why did this happen?

– Actually, my flight was just later. Kurban Bekievich flew to Istanbul, and I to Moscow.

– Nevertheless, this circumstance gave rise to rumors about the continuation of your Iranian career under another status.

– It wasn’t even discussed.

– Why did you work at Traktor for a month and a half without a contract?

– Berdyev has a good relationship with the owner of the club, Mr. Zonuzi, everything was in full confidence. In the beginning there was kind of a hitch for technical reasons, so to speak. And you know – there’s a different mentality: people are in no rush.

– The team was left in fifth place. Not the result that your employers there expected in the person of car tycoon Zonuzi and the fans?

– I did not communicate every day with the owner, but according to my feelings, he was rather happy. With our arrival, not only the team has grown, but also the infrastructure of the club, the base has been put in order. After 13th place, 5th is not bad. And the prospect was visible, but reinforcements were needed. Fans get it too.

– Have you watched the Asian Champions League and other international tournaments in this region?

– Only one game where an Iranian player was viewed. It is clear that this is not the level of the European Champions League.

– What can you say about the prospects for participation of Russian clubs in these competitions?

– From a footballing point of view there may still be temptations, but from a logistical point of view it is incredibly difficult. “Zenith” could otherwise dominate, but be one of the favorites.

– If we talk about the Russian national team, after the matches against Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, don’t you really believe in its bright future in the Asian part of the world?

– Japan, Iran, South Korea today are certainly not weaker than our current team.

– Isn’t the Russian national team stronger than the Iranian team, which did not shine during the World Cup?

– Absolutely not, even a little weaker. In the best composition, I suppose too.

– In Sochi. Even before the official appointment, you were busy seeing the players. Which?

– Well, you can be sure. Preferably in each line.

– Berdyev said that the appearance of the Iranians is possible, but not Azmun. Which ones, and why can’t Serdar sign?

– He’s still in the Bundesliga, but not so much when playing for Bayer. We had such conversations about other Iranians, more among ourselves. But that won’t work until the summer. For whom there was substantial interest, their clubs are not yet ready to let go.

– Is there a reason to talk about the transition of Denis Cheryshev, who is clearly in poverty in the Italian “Venice”?

– Even at the level of conversations was not.

– Is the amount of winter transfers determined or do you have full carte blanche?

– I am responsible for my work front. They give me names, I give my notes. Unfortunately, mostly negative. And the budget is a vague concept, and not within my competence.

– Berdyev said he has no intention of penalizing football players for being overweight. In your experience, does it really not work?

– Our players are professionals. Of course, a vacation is a vacation. Someone, maybe, scored, but within reason. Someone after an injury could not receive sufficient physical activity. We don’t have those who eat anything, anytime. Taking honestly earned money from players for an extra pound is stupidity.

– How are your tasks divided with Dmitry Khokhlov in the work along the lines?

– If you don’t go into the nuances, he deals more with the midfielders and I deal with the forwards. But the main thing is to determine the interaction of the lines, so we work in such a tandem.

– How did it seem to you at first approximation, what is the interest for the club of its owner Boris Rotenberg?

– I never spoke to him. The main thing is that there is a base, there are pitches, there is a stadium. So, seriously and for a long time.

– After second place in the previous season, the team is only in ninth place. Where do you think you’re going?

– Obviously, the task is to be as high as possible. With the exception of two or three players, the “silver” workforce has been preserved. So we can count on more.

– Plans for the off-season. Are there tasks in the next RPL Winter Cup, or is it a purely preparatory tournament?

– Some kind of officiality is always present, so we treat pretty much the same as the Nations League teams. In general, the idea of ​​minimizing the number of purely friendly matches is quite sensible. Today, there is so much different football that the usual test games do not arouse the interest of fans and are not an incentive for players.

– You have already worked as a chef in Ufa. How does it feel to return to supporting roles again?

– Clearly, the work is different, less internal pressure. And less pay, so short.

– Chemistry with Berdyev?

– It is interesting to work with Kurban Bekievich. This is our fourth joint experience. And, to be honest, there were no special options for leading a team with tasks during this time. And working at low level is not interesting.

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