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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

The Fire of Sports Hate: How Foreigners Are Bullied for Communicating with Russian Colleagues

Now, as the former players and coaches of the Estonian football team, found “guilty” in a meeting with the head coach of the Russian national team and “Rostov” Valery Krapin, are forced to publicly repent and to stigmatize themselves for this “tragic” surveillance. Along the way, stating that “he fully supports the withdrawal of Russians from international competitions.” Otherwise – the end of him as an athlete.

Saturday’s game of the 20th round of the French Ligue 1 between Marseille and Monaco, many fans were looking forward to it. There were two clubs at the top of the standings. Marseille, in the event of victory and defeat against Lance, could reach second place, giving the right to start in the Champions League from the group stage.

Monaco, fourth, in turn, is trying to climb higher to play next season not in the Europa League, but in the Champions League. The game turned out to be interesting, and its result was unexpected. In the first half of the first half, Marseille Veretou sent the ball into his own net, and at the start of the second half, Alexis Sanchez corrected his teammate’s mistake, making the score 1: 1. As a result, the meeting ended in a draw, and the situation in the Ligue 1 standings, despite the failures of PSG during the meeting with Reims, remained unchanged.

We could continue to discuss the ups and downs of football and analyze the matches of the French teams. And that would be really interesting. But unfortunately, a completely different subject hit the headlines after the Marseille-Monaco match.

After the final whistle, Ukrainian striker of Marseille and (what a misfortune) of the Ukrainian national team Ruslan Malinovsky kissed Russian midfielder Alexander Golovin of Monaco. The framework with this “terrible” act was broadcast on the match, when the players of both teams shook hands and thanked each other for a good game, leaving the field. Why awful? Because now Malinovsky, together with those close to him, must publicly apologize and repent for this “unforgivable sin”.

The Ukrainian media immediately called the behavior of Malinovsky, by the way, the best young player of the Ukrainian championship in the 2013/2014 season, strange and shocking. And on Ruslan’s pages in social networks, real chaos began to unfold – Ukrainian fans cursed the poor footballer with their last words and demanded that he be urgently called up.

Malinovsky began to apologize and apologized for self-demeaning statements.

It’s amazing how Malinovsky has not yet been remembered for his match at Atalanta, where he played more than one match with Russian footballer Alexei Miranchuk.

As for Alexander Golovin, he is, of course, completely indifferent to Malinovsky’s apologies. “It does not interest us at all, it only applies to Malinovsky. Sounds like bullshit? You answered this question yourself,” the Russian’s agent Alexander Klyuev told RIA Novosti Sport.

● ● ●

A few years ago, it was even difficult to imagine such a situation. But today, unfortunately, this is becoming the norm. Western athletes are willing to just bury their own fans in the ground if they even allow themselves to get close to our athletes.

In the first days of the new year, a resounding scandal broke out in Estonian football. And all because on December 31, the head coach of Rostov and the Russian national team Valery Karpin, a native of the Estonian city of Narva, was at the same table with the assistant head coach of the team Estonian national Andres Oper and football players Konstantin Vasiliev (captain of the Estonian national team), Sergey Zenev, Sergey Pareiko, Artur Kotenko, Dmitry Kruglov, Evgeny Novikov, Alexander Dmitriev and Igor Morozov. A treacherous photo from a friendly dinner was posted on the social network by former Estonian national team footballer Andrey Stepanov.

Estonian fans were the first to attack their own players. “Relations with senior Russian football officials are unacceptable today. Despite the fact that this meeting was private and was not organized by them, as Estonian citizens and representatives of the national team, they have l moral obligation to uphold the same values ​​that the Estonian state and most of Europe uphold,” the Estonian supporters’ association said. MTU Jalgpallihaigla team. And then they organized a vote to strip Vasiliev of the captain’s armband. This initiative was supported by the head coach of the club Flora, for which Vasiliev plays.

Moreover, the “rallies” with Karpin outraged even the country’s prime minister, Kaya Kallas. Which considered, nothing less, that it was a demonstration of soft power on the part of Russia and much more than a simple meeting of friends in a bar.

“How can you get together like this and pretend nothing is happening? Do we continue to live as before? It’s impossible! Sport is an element of soft power used by Russia. It’s not the same as arguing about something with a friend. In my opinion, it’s not just about friends drinking beer in a bar,” an excited Kallas told ERR and Radio4.

It’s embarrassing to say, but in the end, even the poor players were forced to publicly apologize. Specifically, they were forced to do so by the Estonian Football Association.

This caused confusion among many honored veterans of Russian football.

“We have been living in a kind of surrealism for a long time. For me, it is incomprehensible. Karpin, a resident of the city of Narva, met players he had met before, and today they are marked that he is the coach of the Russian national team. May God bless him and all those he met. Stupidity of the highest level,” Valery Viktorovich Ovchinnikov, who coached Karpin at Tallinn Sport in the mid-80s of the last century, told RIA Novosti.

At Karpin himself, everything that happened also caused confusion.

“The first reaction is misunderstanding. Misunderstanding of what is happening. And, probably, I can’t say anything more about it. There was a misunderstanding about what is happening now in our world. You know, I’m more sorry for guys – Estonian national team players or people who are nearby. Turns out I’m some kind of high-ranking rep…I always thought I was just a coach. And the guys who were at dinner also thought I was a coach and a former football player. For them, it is so. And for someone it turns out that I am a high-ranking leader, ”commented the head coach of the Russian national team and Rostov on Match TV on this unpleasant incident.

● ● ●

Today we are all discussing the IOC’s initiative to bring our athletes back to international tournaments and the Olympics. Sports federations and associations are hesitating between staying within European borders or making a fortune in Asia. But the problem is much deeper. It’s in people’s minds.

Turin and Sochi Olympic champion Victor An in South Korea was not appointed as the country’s premier club coach due to public discontent. According to Championship, in early January 2023, Ahn applied for the position of coach of Seongnam City’s short track team, one of the strongest in the country and the home base of the Korean national team. However, on January 29, Seongnam city hall officials said they had rejected Ahn’s application after an interview due to the mixed reaction from the local community.

French basketball player Thomas Ertel has been expelled from the national team after leaving Real Madrid for Zenit Saint Petersburg.

The Finnish Ice Hockey Association has asked players to ignore all offers from KHL clubs.

Bulgarian “Levski” fans banned their players from playing friendly matches with Russian teams during the winter off-season, as the club wrote on its website on January 20.

The International Sports Press Association (AIPS) forgot about Alexander Bolshunov when voting for the best athlete of the year. “We have forgotten him, even if he won three gold medals at the Olympic Games, I apologize for that. But it has nothing to do with politics”, then justified the boss of this organization. , Gianni Merlo, in front of Match TV.

It has long been known that quantity always turns into quality. And every day there are more and more examples of sports hatred for our sport.

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